3 Important Metalworking Tools To Have in Your Shop

January 9, 2024
3 Important Metalworking Tools To Have in Your Shop

With so many metalworking tools now available on the market, it can be difficult to determine what types of equipment you need and don’t need for your workspace. Explore some important metalworking tools to have in your shop so you can increase your productivity and accuracy.

Band Saw

A band saw is an incredibly important metalworking tool because it allows you to cut straight lines through metal. Regardless of the type of work your shop produces, the ability to make clean, accurate cuts is essential. A band saw features a toothed, motorized metal blade that rotates between two wheels and provides consistent, clean cutting.

Band saws come in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Vertical band saws require you to move your metal across the blade in order to create different shapes and angles. On the other hand, a horizontal band saw holds the metal in place and uses a rotating blade to slice the material. Every shop should have a double column band saw because the horizontal orientation is ideal for precisely cutting materials to length.

Drill Press

Another important metalworking tool to have in your shop is a drill press. A drill press helps you easily create accurate and precise holes. If you’re accustomed to using a hand drill, you know it can be difficult to make holes that are the same size and depth. With an automatic tool, you won’t need to worry about inconsistencies in your work.

For example, if you need to drill equidistant holes, the job can be very tedious and imperfect if done by hand. With a motorized drill press, you can immediately increase your output and your overall productivity while maintaining consistency. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the holes are accurately drilled the first time.

Angle Grinder

Many metalworking professionals use angle grinders daily, meaning this option is a great tool to add to your shop. When you need to clean and polish metal, an angle grinder is the perfect machine for the job. This tool also cuts metal into different forms depending on the type of attachment you use.

Angle grinders come in a range of sizes and can be either corded or cordless, so you can choose the right option for your needs and setup. You’ll also have to determine the best type of disc attachments for the work you do.

As a metalwork professional, you should know how these three tools can help you maximize the efficiency and quality of your operations. There are many other machines that are helpful in the metal fabrication process, so be sure to do your research to find even more ways to boost your business.

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