A Closer Look at Brockport’s Legal Landscape

Showcasing the Remarkable Legal Firms and Practitioners in Brockport, New York

Brockport, New York is home to a vibrant and diverse legal community. In this article, we will delve into the details of some of the most notable law firms and practitioners in the area, each with unique expertise and services that cater to various legal needs. Here is a selection of some of the leading lawyer companies in Brockport, NY.

Emanuel N. Mouganis Law Office


This law office is noted for its experienced and aggressive representation. Emanuel N. Mouganis, Esq. has an established reputation in both civil and criminal litigation. Specializing in criminal defense—including DWI/DUI cases and traffic violations—as well as family law and personal injury claims, this office is committed to serving its clients with integrity and professionalism.

Categories: Attorney, Lawyer, Law Office

Bell James D

James D. Bell offers an extensive range of legal services. As a local attorney, Bell is listed under Business Attorneys, reflecting a possible specialization in business law matters.

Categories: Business Attorneys, Attorney, Lawyer, Local Attorney

Larry R Koss


With an impressive list of categories, Larry R Koss is evidently a well-rounded attorney. Notable areas of expertise include criminal defense, estate planning, and real estate law, illustrating a broad scope of legal services offered.

Categories: Criminal Lawyer, Lawyer, Business Services, Real Estate, Attorney, Estate Planning, Litigation, and more.

Klafehn & Heise


Klafehn & Heise is a prominent law firm that seems to provide a mix of legal and business services. This firm may be an excellent resource for clients needing comprehensive legal support in business-related matters.

Categories: Business Service, Lawyer & Law Firm, Lawyer, Legal Services, Business Services

Susan N Burgess Law Office


With a dedicated law office, Susan N. Burgess appears to be a focused and experienced attorney, though her specific areas of specialization are not listed.

Categories: Lawyer

Edward W Riley

As a lawyer and attorney, Edward W Riley likely offers a wide range of legal services, with expertise potentially spanning multiple domains of law.

Categories: Lawyer, Attorney, Legal Services

William Cody Law Offices

William Cody Law Offices stands as a testament to the variety of legal services available in Brockport, offering both individual and business-related legal services.

Categories: Lawyer, Legal Services

Siegel Kelleher & Kahn

This law firm, Siegel Kelleher & Kahn, appears to offer a range of legal services, although the specific areas of practice are not detailed.

Categories: Lawyer

James D Bell Atty

While specific details about James D Bell’s practice are not provided, the title suggests a dedicated legal professional ready to assist with a variety of legal needs.

Joanne L Best

With an expansive list of categories, Joanne L. Best appears to offer a comprehensive suite of legal services, from general practice to specialized legal plans.

Categories: Attorney, Legal Services, General Practice Attorneys, and more.

Labatte Catherine F Attorney At Law

Catherine F. Labatte, as the title suggests, likely provides dedicated and personalized legal services, though specific areas of expertise are not indicated.

Lester & Lester Attys

This firm, Lester & Lester Attorneys, suggests a partnership possibly specializing in a variety of legal services.

Categories: Lawyer

Foster Foster & Zambito


Foster, Foster & Zambito seems to be a reputable law firm in Brockport, though specific areas of expertise and practice are not detailed.

Categories: Lawyer

Thomas H Parmele

The title suggests that Thomas H. Parmele is a practicing lawyer offering various legal services, potentially to both individual and corporate clients.

Categories: Lawyer, Legal Services


Brockport, NY, is evidently home to a vibrant community of legal professionals. From family law to business services and estate planning, this small town is a hub of legal expertise ready to serve the diverse needs of its community. Whether you are a resident seeking personal representation or a business owner in need of legal consultation, Brockport’s legal landscape has an attorney or firm that is right for you.

Please note that while every effort has been made to be accurate, the details of services offered by the listed practitioners are based on available information and should be confirmed directly with the respective offices.

Written by Mobb

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