Advertising Reigns: Highlighting NYC’s Innovative American Startup Ecosystem

January 25, 2024

With New York’s vibrant and rapidly evolving startup scene, it’s no surprise that it is home to some of the most innovative and forward-thinking advertising startups in the industry. These game-changing companies, all born in or after 2020, are harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and strategic thinking to revolutionize the advertising industry. They are disrupting traditional marketing and advertising models, providing businesses with new and unparalleled ways to reach consumers. The following New York startups are breaking new ground in the advertising industry.

The advertising industry is undergoing significant change, with marketers now leveraging technology to better target their audiences, track the success of their marketing campaigns, and generate sales. Whether through advanced virtual recruiting platforms or innovative online marketplaces, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the advertising world. They are also positively impacting various other industries, such as recruiting, data technology, digital media, and more.

New York has always been a breeding ground for innovative ideas, and these startups are no exception. Each of these organizations brings a unique approach to addressing industry challenges and provides new and improved solutions to market demands. Their pioneering services and products are positively impacting the U.S. advertising industry and are sure to continue making a significant impact as they grow and evolve.

HIVE Diversity

Founded in 2020 by Byron Slosar, HIVE Diversity is a virtual recruiting platform that creates an engagement between companies and a diverse community of students and recent graduates. The company is reinventing early talent recruiting by focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Visit their Linkedin page for more information.

ArcSpan Technologies

ArcSpan Technologies, founded by Arthur Muldoon and Garret Vreeland, delivers enterprise-class addressable audience data monetization platform solutions to maximize publisher’s ad sales revenue amidst the “identity revolution.” You can check out their Linkedin page for more details.


Blockgraph is a data-driven TV advertising platform founded by Jason Manningham. It empowers the world’s leading media, technology, and information services companies to create and implement privacy-focused targeting and measurement solutions. Follow them on Twitter and check their Linkedin page for more information.

Icaro Media Group

Icaro Media Group, founded by Paul Feller, provides a platform for brands to connect with consumers through compelling and customizable content. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and their Linkedin page for more details.

DeepSync Labs

DeepSync Labs is an innovative data-driven startup that utilizes modern technologies for advertising and digital media solutions. Follow their activities on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for more information.


Cliquify is an artificial intelligence-enabled advanced content marketing platform designed to provide efficient and smart advertising solutions. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and check out their Linkedin page for more details.


Publicist, founded in 2020 by Lara Vandenberg, is an online marketplace for sourcing premium pre-vetted marketing and communication experts. Their community includes over 2,000 experts for hire. Check out their social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for more insights on their operations.


Founded by Albert Moufarrij and Jaime Suarez, MACH9 is a technology and digital marketing firm that helps regulated industries control their online narrative. You can follow their activities on Twitter, Facebook, and their Linkedin page.

Amaze Media Labs

Amaze Media Labs, founded by Robert Tuchman, is changing the podcast space by combining compelling customizable content with live experiences. Visit their social media platforms at Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for latest updates.

Axad Capital

Axad Capital delivers innovative advertising and lead generation solutions. Follow their activities on Facebook and Linkedin.


Tapp specializes in influencer marketing, providing CPI & CPA campaigns that produce a positive return on your ad spend. You can follow their activities on Linkedin.

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