Alpharetta’s Software Innovators: Exploring US-Based Startup Excellence

January 29, 2024

Empowering innovation and casting ripples of change across various industries are young, resilient and ambitious startups. Customarily birthed by fresh perspectives and hardened by the strive to provide better solutions, these nascent companies are game changers. Particularly in the United States, more so in the quaint city of Alpharetta, Georgia, the software industry is brimming with noteworthy startups. As a closer look at the software startup landscape of Alpharetta, Georgia reveals, each one of these companies has a distinct character and a unique role in the big picture.


Founded by Justin Hawkins, Talitrix is a software-as-a-service provider that is revolutionizing the electronic monitoring industry. The company works with the noble mission of reforming the criminal justice system and reducing recidivism. They offer data analytics and information communication tools.

Cloud Supply Chain Solutions

Established by Mansoor Khan, Cloud Supply Chain Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of managerial tools including a warehouse management system, a transportation management system, a Manhattan integration framework, active omni, inventory optimization, supply chain intelligence, legacy software modernization, and a system analysis program.


Adept in Information Technology, Software and Transportation, iATL is another software startup making strides in Alpharetta, Georgia. The company leverages technology to drive progression in the specified industries.

Applied Syntropy Technologies

Founded by Alan Fralick II and Scot Drake, Applied Syntropy Technologies are the creators of ADAPT!, the only truly effective real-time competitive price-monitoring and alerting tool available for automobile dealerships.


Founded by Alok Goel, Saurav Bhagat, and Tarkeshwar Thakur, Drivetrain is on a mission to enable businesses to make better decisions. Its financial planning & decision-making platform helps businesses scale and achieve their targets predictably.


Established by Matt Kendrall, HappyAR built a platform that enables all types of companies to streamline the process of collecting past due invoices. The seamless, powerful, scalable platform is currently being beta-tested by select companies.


quanti is a company that helps businesses establish a strong data analytical platform and be primed for the competitive analytical war. Their package-driven Heptaloop technology uses computer vision to enable ease of doing business.


Founded by Shrikant Yarlagadda and Srini Morampudi, Vieaura gets a notable mention in Alpharetta’s Software startup landscape. The Viveaura team is shedding light on new pathways in the Augmented Reality, Logistics, Manufacturing, Software, and Transportation industries.


Founded by Eran Medan, Moshe Dahan, and Nir Valtman, Arnica specializes in developing a framework for DevOps supply chain security that is behavior-based.

The software industry is ever-evolving, fueled by the relentless pursuit of startups like these to push the boundaries of technology and innovations. The diversity and passion showcased by these startups in Alpharetta, Georgia, provide a promising platform for exciting developments in the future.

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