Atlanta’s FinTech Revolution: Innovative US-Based Financial Services Startups

January 30, 2024

Atlanta, Georgia – a city ripe for innovative concepts and business growth, has gained significant recognition for its burgeoning start-up ecosystem. In particular, startups in the financial services industry are thriving, with products that encompass everything from banking and investments to fintech solutions and consumer services. This article showcases ten notable startups established from 2020 and onwards, heralding a new era in financial services.

These startups, based in Atlanta, are demonstrating responsiveness to evolving consumer needs and leveraging the latest technologies to offer groundbreaking financial solutions. With a diversity of offerings, these companies are poised to not only shape the financial industry but impact diverse sectors across the economy.

Here, we highlight these promising startups, exploring their operations, offering a glance at their founders, and an overview of their services aimed at revolutionizing the financial arena.


Founded by Joshua Tatum and Patrick Bayliss, Carputty operates in the automotive, consumer, and fintech sectors by providing consumers with car loan services. Their predictive valuation tool assists customers in making informed vehicle buying and selling decisions.


Established by Donald Hawkins, Kinly is a fintech company explicitly catering to the financial needs of African-Americans and their allies.


Dedicated to transforming private market investing, Gridline offers a digital wealth platform that provides easy access to top-performing alternative asset managers for individual investors.


Founded by Chaya Gangadarappa and Steve Roach, Skyscend is a fintech solutions provider specializing in accounts payable invoice automation and on-demand supply chain financing services, leveraged by advanced technologies such as blockchain, AI, ML, and OCR.

Greenwood Bank

Founded by Andrew Young, Michael Render, and Ryan Glover in 2020, Greenwood Bank is a digital banking platform designed specifically for Black and Latinx people and business owners.


Verdata, founded by Mike Mondelli and Nate Marcus, provides a unique data and insight platform that empowers POS financing companies to mitigate merchant risk.

Canza Finance

Founded by Oyedeji Oluwoye and Pascal Ntsama IV, Canza aims to build the world’s largest non-institutional-based financial system.


Co-founded by Barclay Keith, Brian Lanehart, and Lena McDearmid, Momnt (aka Artis Technologies) offers modern lending solutions for businesses, simplifying financing for their customers.

Encina Lender Finance

Founded by Luke Graham, Encina Lender Finance is a venture of Encina Capital Partners that provides senior credit facilities.

Outlander VC

Founded by Leura Craig and Paige Craig, Outlander VC is an investment management company that provides funds for start-ups, connecting visionary founders to the capital and expertise they need.

Truist Securities

Truist Securities was founded by John Gregg, specializing in financial services in the Atlanta region.

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