Atlanta’s Innovative Medical Startups Redefining Healthcare in US

January 28, 2024

The United States is a hotbed of startups with a blossoming medical industry. This boom has spurred a wave of innovation and provided a solution for numerous gaps in the healthcare industry. This article will shine a light on 10 startups incorporated in 2020 or later based in Atlanta, Georgia, operating in the medical industry. These startups are developing ingenious solutions to complex issues and filling crucial gaps, propelling the industry forward and improving healthcare delivery.

Atlanta has always been a predominant economic and cultural center in the United States. The city boasts of a thriving entrepreneurship scene with a vibrant support system for startups, including medical ones. Atlanta’s flourishing medical startups range from digital dental solutions to pediatric care providers and AI-powered therapeutics. Let’s explore these companies and the exceptional work they’re doing.

Wolf Dental Solutions

Operational in consulting, dental, health care, medical industries, Wolf Dental Solutions takes pride in providing digital workflow solutions for solo practitioners, group practices, and DSOs. Some of their most innovative solutions include CBCT 3D cone beam machines, intraoral scanners, 3D printers, and a phenomenal smile design 3D face scanner. Social media pages: @DentalWolf, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ottalaus Health

Ottalaus Health, founded by Mack Lund, provides bespoke branding solutions for remote patient monitoring programs. These solutions include device kits and packaging, smartphone apps, LTE connectivity, a secure cloud database, and customized API system support. Find them on @ottalaushealth and LinkedIn.

Flourish Pediatrics

Flourish Pediatrics shines in the field of pediatric care, emphasizing lifestyle medicine, general wellness, and nutrition. They offer a variety of services, including pediatric emergency medicine, general pediatrics, and lifestyle medicine. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Viral Solutions

Viral Solutions, operating in genetics, healthcare, and medical fields, can be found on @viralsolga, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Emergent Now

Founded by Jonathan Goss, Emergent Now offers medical solutions. Know more about them on LinkedIn.

Freedom Bird Foundation

The Freedom Bird Foundation is a nonprofit committed to providing transportation, blankets, warm clothing, firewood, stoves, proper legal documentation, and emergency medical care supplies. See their efforts on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Impiricus, co-founded by Osama Hashmi and Sandy Donaldson, has developed a unique digital network that connects physicians and the industry. Explore more on @impiricus, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Piezo Therapeutics

Piezo Therapeutics, co-founded by Cynthia Sundell, Gaurav Byagathvalli, Mark Prausnitz, and Saad Bhamla in 2022, has developed a novel platform that uses electric pulses and microneedles to deliver therapeutics. Know more about them on LinkedIn.


Checkit operates in the field of childcare, healthcare, medical, software, and wellness, offering a comprehensive platform designed for organizations that offer well-care and preventative services. Follow more about them on LinkedIn.

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