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The M&A Growth Process For Tech Startups

Chris Spillman, Managing Director | Americas at Biztech Lawyers discusses the M&A growth process for tech startups.  The M&A growth process for tech startups can be a complex and multi-stage journey. It requires time and attention to detail as well as careful
September 25, 2023
The Importance Of Rationality And Common Sense In Psychotherapy

The Importance Of Rationality And Common Sense In Psychotherapy

The use of irrational practices in psychotherapy is a topical issue with no clear answer. Evidence-based research suggests that many techniques, even those without scientifically proven effectiveness, are considered to work both by clients and their therapists. Moreover, while articles on comparative
May 13, 2023
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6 Low-Cost Steps To Protect Your Digital Identity

With cyberattacks—and payouts—on the rise, taking practical steps to reduce your online risk is time well spent. Since 2004, October has been designated “Cyber Security Awareness Month” and globally recognized. This year’s theme is “See Yourself in Cyber: Together we make it
November 21, 2022
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The Best Startups Invented By Students

Innovation is key to the success of any startup. And where do you think some of the best innovation comes from? College students, of course! Young minds are constantly churning out new and exciting ideas, many of which turn into successful startups.
November 18, 2022
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Incorp vs ZenBusiness: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re looking for an online service to help you create an LLC, one of the leading business formation services – Incorp or ZenBusiness, is a fantastic place to start. Both are high-quality LLC creation services with a good overall value rating,
February 7, 2022
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