Boulder’s Medical Innovators: Pioneering Tomorrow’s Health Solutions

October 18, 2023

1. Fusion Robotics

Pushing boundaries with medical technology.
Dedicated to introducing groundbreaking innovations in the medical field, Fusion Robotics is reshaping the future of patient care.

2. Sleep Easy

Unlocking the secret to sound sleep.
Offering comprehensive solutions, Sleep Easy is on a mission to address and effectively treat sleep difficulties for many.

3. Lazzaro Medical

A beacon of hope for tracheobronchomalacia patients.
Lazzaro Medical stands at the forefront, assisting millions with TBM, making every breath count.

4. Corscans

Bridging the doctor-patient divide.
CorScans offers a cutting-edge platform that narrows the distance between physicians and their patients, ensuring optimum care.

5. OneTogether Solutions

Uplifting communities with healthcare and wellness.
OneTogether Solutions envisions a world where tribal communities have access to premier health resources and wellness opportunities.

6. Arrow Allergy

Revolutionizing allergy care with virtual solutions.
From telehealth visits to at-home tests and therapies, Arrow Allergy is making allergy care accessible and efficient.

7. Ananas

Crafting the future of medical cannabis consumption.
With its state-of-the-art hardware and software, Ananas is redefining cannabis use for medicinal purposes.

8. Opticann

Merging traditional with cannabis medicine.
Opticann stands out as a leading cannabinoid company, offering potent CBG and CBD products.

9. HealthBee

Patient-powered insights into pharmaceutical drug side effects.
HealthBee’s unique search engine focuses on user-curated information, shedding light on drug effects.

10. Dignity Care

Honoring the elderly with top-tier care.
Providing essential services to the public, Dignity Care offers a nurturing environment for senior residents.

11. Onda

Harnessing the natural power of hemp oil.
Onda brings high-quality, therapeutic hemp oil, promoting holistic health benefits.

12. Airgami

Innovating medical equipment for modern needs.
Airgami steps up as a leading manufacturer, ensuring optimal medical equipment production.

13. Bolder BioPATH

Blending pharmacology and pathology expertise.
With a range of services, Bolder BioPATH excels in providing specialized care to its clients.

14. Headwaters Communications

Medical writing and marketing at its finest.
Headwaters Communications crafts compelling narratives for life science and tech companies, ensuring effective communication.

15. Certifyd

Streamlining certification and continuing education management.
Certifyd offers a seamless experience for professionals to manage their credentials, ensuring they stay updated in their fields.

These fifteen companies, each with its unique offering, embody the innovative spirit of Boulder, leading the way in healthcare advancements and solutions.

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