Brick, NJ: Architectural Ingenuity & Landscape Craftsmanship

September 7, 2023

The town of Brick, New Jersey, is not just about its beautiful landscapes, but also about the companies that shape them. With a vast array of architectural and landscape businesses flourishing in this region, it’s a hub of creativity and design expertise. This guide aims to bring to the forefront some of the most remarkable companies making their mark in Brick, NJ.

Hartdorn David b Ra

With their profound expertise in architectural design, Hartdorn David b Ra stands out as a leader in crafting spaces that reflect both functionality and artistry.

Colabella Group

Colabella Group’s commitment to aesthetic design and practical solutions makes them a trusted name in the architectural domain of Brick, NJ.

VJM Architecture

A formidable presence in the architectural landscape of Brick, VJM Architecture’s designs are synonymous with modernity meshed with timeless elegance.

Tropical Expressions

Not your traditional architectural firm, Tropical Expressions specializes in creating tropical-themed venues with artificial palm trees, bamboo, and more. Their unique approach is a treat for those looking to add a tropical touch to their spaces.

Barlo & Associates AIA PA

Offering an extensive range of architectural services from residential to commercial, Barlo & Associates blend innovation with functionality, leaving an indelible mark on the Brick landscape.


While primarily a construction company, DENJ, INC’s collaboration with architects makes them an essential part of the design-build process, ensuring structures are not just beautiful but also sturdy.

A&A Landscaping & Fencing LLC

This company brings together landscaping and architectural expertise, offering everything from lawn maintenance to paving services. Their dedication to quality service is unmatched.

Cannon Group The Pc

A group that boasts a mix of civil engineers, surveyors, and architectural services, they bring a holistic approach to any project they undertake.

Gardner Bruce Inc

Dedicated to land surveying and architectural services, Gardner Bruce Inc is integral to ensuring that every project is grounded in precision and expertise.

Jack Landscaping LLC

From concrete work to landscape construction, Jack Landscaping is a name that resonates with versatility and commitment to quality in Brick, NJ.

Cox Landscaping

An entity that seamlessly blends landscaping artistry with functionality, Cox Landscaping is a testament to the lush beauty of Brick.

Castro Landscaping, LLC

From designing dream landscapes to regular maintenance, Castro Landscaping is a one-stop solution for all landscaping needs in the Ocean County Area.

Capstone Landscape Design Inc

This company’s name speaks for itself. With an emphasis on innovative design, Capstone is shaping the landscape aesthetics of Brick.

Seaside Farm and Garden

For those with a busy schedule but a dream to maintain a beautiful yard, Seaside Farm and Garden offers impeccable landscape maintenance service at unbeatable prices.

Robert James Landscape, Inc

Specializing in everything from decks to gazebos, Robert James Landscape ensures that the outdoor spaces of Brick, NJ are as beautifully crafted as the interiors.

Brick, NJ is home to these and many other architectural and landscape companies that are shaping the future of design. Their combined expertise ensures that the town remains not just a place to live, but a work of art to experience.

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