Brockton’s Beacon of Faith: Religious Organizations Lighting the Way

Shining the spotlight on the diverse tapestry of spiritual homes in Brockton, MA

Immanuel Baptist Church

Categories: Church, Baptist church, Religious Center, Religious Organization
While the Immanuel Baptist Church may not have a dedicated website, it’s a cornerstone for Baptist worshippers in the region, providing a safe space for spiritual growth and community bonding.

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Brockton MA Nova Alianca Igreja do Nazareno

Categories: Religious Center, Religious Organization, Nazarene Church
A pillar in the Nazarene community, this organization stands as a beacon for the faithful in Brockton, MA.

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Brockton Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Categories: Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nonprofit Organization, Religious Organization, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Church, Religious Organizations
An emblem of the Seventh-Day Adventist faith, the Brockton church continues to guide its congregation on the path of righteousness.

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Salvation Army – Corps

Categories: Charity Organization, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Non-profit organization, Nonprofit Organization, Religious Organizations, Charity Shops
Established in 1865, the Salvation Army in Brockton extends its hand to both spiritual and material needs, reflecting God’s love and compassion.

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Grace Chapel Brockton

Categories: Church, Religious Organization
A place where grace flows abundantly, this chapel offers its congregation solace, peace, and a deep connection with the divine.

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Gladtidings Community Fellowship Church

Categories: Church of Christ, Religious Organization
A fellowship where every member is family, this church extends its arms to all those seeking spiritual guidance.

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The Reconstruction Church

Categories: Church of God, Religious Organization
Built on the pillars of faith and community, The Reconstruction Church invites everyone to partake in their journey to salvation.

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Triumphant End-Time Ministries

Categories: Religious Organization, Christian church
A place where believers gather to fortify their faith and prepare for the divine days to come.

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Empowerment Christian Church

Categories: Christian Church, Religious Organization
Empower your faith and spirit at this vibrant Christian community in Brockton.

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New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Prayer for All People

Categories: Christian Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Place of worship
A sanctuary for all, this church ensures everyone feels the embrace of God’s love.

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Diocese Saint Francis of Assisi Cca

Categories: Religious organization
Upholding the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi, this diocese is a haven for spiritual enlightenment.

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Ministerio Oasis En El Desierto Studio Inc.

Categories: Religious organization
Quenching the spiritual thirst of its followers, this ministry stands as an oasis for souls in search of direction.

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reignfall ministries

Categories: Charismatic Church, Religious Organization, Religious institution
Experience the charismatic energy of faith, love, and devotion at reignfall ministries.

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Hosanna International Ministries

Categories: Religious Organization, Church
Sing hosannas and praise at this international ministry, welcoming all with open arms.

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Unstoppable Kingdom Ministries

Categories: Church of God, Religious Organization, Religious institution
A force to be reckoned with, this ministry reaffirms the power of faith and the might of the Almighty.

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Brockton, MA, is a city that’s rich with spiritual homes for every kind of believer. Whether you’re a seeker, a devout follower, or someone looking for a community, Brockton offers an array of religious organizations that cater to a mosaic of spiritual needs.

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