Brooklyn’s Financial Services Startups: US Based Innovators Transforming Finance

January 29, 2024

Exploring the recent landscape of startups in the United States, there is immense growth seen within the financial services industry. A particular hotspot for this surge can be noted in Brooklyn, New York, where numerous startups of 2020 and beyond have been establishing their footing. This article focuses on showcasing these startups, highlighting their services, objectives, and potential impacts on the financial industry.

These startups, although varying in the extent of their offerings and niche markets, all operate within the broader domain of financial services. Their areas of focus range from lenting platforms, fintech solutions, venture capital investments, to redefining mortage industry, and more. These innovative organizations hold potential to significantly influence the future direction of the financial landscape.

So, let’s delve deeper and take a closer look at these companies. Each bears a unique story and has made strides towards disrupting traditional norms within financial services indeed.


Walnut is a point-of-sale lending platform committed to making healthcare financing more accessible for patients. Founded by Roshan Patel and Yash Joshi in 2020, this Brooklyn-based startup offers a unique technology solution to cover medical bills via customized payment plans. Learn more via their various social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and @waInuthq on Twitter.


Haven is a startup aiming at reforming the U.S. mortgage industry. With a remarkable ambition to engage over 53 million homeowners, Haven deploys modern digital experiences and frictionless financial products for an enhanced home journey. Founded by Aditya Acharya, Jonathan Chao and Nipun Kant, Haven is well-backed and helmed by seasoned veterans within the industry. You can reach out to them via their LinkedIn account.

Redbeard Ventures

Redbeard Ventures, founded by Drew Austin, is a full-stack web3 fund investing in equity and tokens of pre-seed through Series B companies. Emphasis is on ventures across Web 3.0 and crypto, including consumer applications, infrastructure, gaming, the metaverse, and DeFi. Follow Redbeard Ventures on LinkedIn and @RedBeardVC on Twitter.


Chimney is a Brooklyn-based startup operating within the Banking, Financial Services, FinTech and the sphere of productivity tools. Find out more about their business and services via their LinkedIn account.

Better Financial Corporation

Founded by Kaushik Tiwari and Saumik Tiwari, Better Financial Corporation is focussed on building fintech brands that can aid Americans in managing their finances more effectively. Check out their LinkedIn profile for more information.


GoRascal, founded by Scott Valins, specialises in financial services and lending. Stay updated with their latest developments via their Facebook Page here or their LinkedIn account.

Brooklyn Capital

Brooklyn Capital is another noteworthy financial services and professional services startup based in Brooklyn, New York. Stay connected and up to date via their LinkedIn.

ZBL Capital

ZBL Capital is striving to make their mark in the Cryptocurrency, Financial Services and Software industries. Follow their journey and their updates on LinkedIn and @zblcapital on Twitter.


Based in Brooklyn, Jetsyt is making strides within the Financial Services, Internet and Travel industry. You can stay updated with Jetsyt on their LinkedIn account or their Facebook page.

Bullish Studio

Bullish Studio, an innovative money media studio, is dedicated to serving the next generation of investors. Co-founded by Andrew Stella and Brian Hanly, the company is pioneering a ground-breaking conversation about money. Connect with Bullish Studio on @BullishStudio on Twitter, LinkedIn or their Facebook page.

Copper Wire Ventures

Founded by Jessica Millstone, Copper Wire Ventures is committed to aiding women entrepreneurs by providing early-stage capital and strategic advice. They primarily invest in the domain of learning but are open to investing in crossover technology sectors too. Learn more about their mission by visiting their website.

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