Brooklyn’s Innovative Manufacturing Startups Reshaping the American Industrial Landscape

January 29, 2024

Brooklyn, New York, home to thriving tech startups and innovative businesses, is a hub for entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity to make their mark in various industries. In recent years, the borough has seen the rise of numerous startups in the Manufacturing industry. Despite the challenging circumstances brought about by the global pandemic, these startups have managed to launch and thrive, contributing significantly to the local economy. These innovative businesses range from life science to health care, e-commerce to home decor, each bringing a unique approach to the manufacturing industry.

Incepted in 2020 or later, these startups have displayed resilience and innovation, establishing their footprint early on and contributing to the growth and diversity of the business landscape in Brooklyn. Their inception amidst the challenging times proves the tenacity and the entrepreneurial spirit of their founders. This article showcases several startups that began operations in 2020 and after, highlighting the diversity and innovation flowing through Brooklyn’s manufacturing industry.

Despite the evident struggle to push through financial constraints and logistical challenges amidst the pandemic, these startups have made their mark in relatively short periods. They are influencing and shaping their respective industries with ground-breaking ideas and fresh perspectives. Let us take a closer look at some of these startups that are redefining Brooklyn’s manufacturing landscape.


BrainLuxury has made its name by manufacturing and commercializing nutritional supplements developed to enhance the brain network. With a significant focus on life science, manufacturing, and wellness, BrainLuxury is helping people across the world improve their cognizance through their innovative supplements. Its operations are based in Brooklyn, New York. Connect with BrainLuxury on Facebook and LinkedIn.

American PAPR

Based in Brooklyn, New York’s Navy Yard, American PAPR LLC is a veteran-led business that manufactures NIOSH-Certified Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) for medical and industrial professionals. This diverse company brings local sourcing and labor to the forefront, with an impressive 96% of materials sourced from seventeen states. Follow American PAPR’s journey through their Twitter and LinkedIn.

Packaging Sea

PackagingSea brings custom packaging solutions for food, retail, and cosmetic brands. As one of the leading custom boxes manufacturers in the US with over a decade of experience in tailored packaging, they are the one-stop-shop for custom packaging boxes. Stay updated with PackagingSea’s news on Twitter and Facebook.

Closet Complete, LLC

For over 20 years, Closet Complete® has been a leading manufacturer of branded Home Organizational products. With Zeke Abraham heading the innovative team, the organization sources and markets its products to every retail sector domestically and internationally. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Garment District For Gowns

Garment District for Gowns is a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering essential medical gowns required by healthcare professionals. The organization, led by Alexandra Baylis, Amy Tiefermann, and Rachel Rothenberg-Saenz, is on a mission to minimize supply chain delays and prevent pollution in PPE manufacturing. Stay connected with them through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Zellerfeld Shoe

Zellerfeld Shoe, founded in 2020, brings a novel concept in shoe manufacturing by producing a completely 3D-printed shoe with the push of a button. The founders, Aaron Krane, Cornelius Schmitt, Franz-Maximilian Foltin, Lennard Stoever, are setting new trends in the shoe manufacturing industry. Stay tuned to Zellerfeld Shoe’s advances on their Linkedin page.


GOLDATECH, an FDA registered PPE provider, is making a significant difference with its resilient American supply chain. This MWBE certified company, led by Alexandra Baylis, Amy Tiefermann, and Rachel Rothenberg-Saenz, develops, manufactures, and distributes PPE to hospitals and healthcare professionals. Connect with GOLDATECH on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

Hoek Home

Hoek Home is bringing a fresh perspective to the furniture industry by offering sustainable, easily-assembled furniture. Their unique products combine traditional carpentry techniques with cutting-edge CNC technology. Follow Hoek Home on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Wisewell, a sustainable clean water technology company, is spearheading the development of high-quality, accessible drinking water solutions. The company’s commitment towards sustainability and clean water technology sets it apart in the manufacturing industry. Get engaged with Wisewell on its LinkedIn page.

Candor Packaging

Candor Packaging stands out in the packaging sector by providing custom packaging supplies to both small and large businesses. Their ability to customize and manufacture products for advertising purposes sets them apart. Connect with Candor Packaging on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

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