Building Dreams: The Top Home Builders in Farmington, NY

September 12, 2023

Marrano Homes – Farmington Model Home

  • Defining New Home Standards
    Marrano Homes brings more than 65 years of experience to Farmington, setting the bar high for home designs. Offering a range of home layouts at Hathaway’s Corners, their homes come loaded with amenities and standard features that cater to a diverse clientele. Plus, the locality benefits from a strong educational system and proximity to Victor village’s attractions.

Cutri Construction Inc

  • Masters in Custom Homes
    Specializing as a custom home builder, Cutri Construction Inc showcases a penchant for detailed and tailored constructions that meet the unique demands of homeowners.

Ta Touch Home Service

  • Building Homes with a Personal Touch
    Though details are limited, Ta Touch Home Service stands as a competent name in the home building sector in Farmington.

NVR Building Products Inc

  • Versatility at Its Best
    NVR Building Products Inc wears many hats. From general contractors to real estate agents, their services encompass a broad spectrum within the building industry, solidifying their mark in the market.

New Energy Works Of Rochester

  • Eco-Friendly Constructions
    New Energy Works integrates agriculture, home designs, and architecture. Their specialization in forestry and lumbering gives them a unique position in sustainable and eco-friendly building practices.

Parker Chimney Sweep, Inc

  • Clean Homes, Happy Homes
    Though not a traditional home builder, Parker Chimney Sweep, Inc ensures that homes remain safe and clean, a vital service in home maintenance.

Eagle Home Inspections

  • Ensuring Quality and Safety
    Eagle Home Inspections works diligently to provide homeowners peace of mind, ensuring that every nook and cranny of a house is up to standard.

A G Sterling Home Svc

  • Inspections and Real Estate
    Offering a blend of real estate and inspection services, A G Sterling Home Svc helps in both finding and ensuring the quality of homes in Farmington.

Lawrence Homes Corp

  • Delivering Quality Constructions
    A leader in home construction, Lawrence Homes Corp brings together expertise in building, contracting, and design to create dream homes.

Westminster Custom Homes Inc

  • Crafting Personalized Residences
    Westminster offers a comprehensive range of building services, specializing in crafting homes tailored to individual requirements.

Povero Construction Inc

  • Building Homes, Building Dreams
    Povero Construction has firmly established its position as a go-to home builder in the region, with a reputation for quality work.

Ketmar Development Corp.

  • Custom Creations for Distinctive Living
    Situated in the beautiful Pittsford, Ketmar Development Corp offers a blend of unique community living and the freedom of custom-designed homes.

Frederick R Jones Inc

  • Architectural Excellence
    Although details are scarce, Frederick R Jones Inc’s legacy in home construction in Farmington is undeniable.

Morrell Builders

  • Versatility in Construction
    From real estate services to custom home constructions, Morrell Builders offers a comprehensive solution for homeowners and property enthusiasts.

Homes By Diamond

  • Precision and Quality
    Homes By Diamond is renowned for its expertise in building homes that combine aesthetics with functionality.

Farmington, NY continues to thrive as a hub for innovative home builders and services. From custom designs to sustainable constructions, the city showcases a diverse range of talents catering to every homeowner’s dream.

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