California’s Rising Stars: Startups Revolutionizing the US Advanced Materials Industry

January 3, 2024

The US Startups landscape is remarkably resilient, bouncing back from the challenges of 2020 to spawn a new generation of innovative tech startups. In this article, we’re zooming in on the Advanced Materials industry and highlighting some impressive startups that were founded in 2020 or later and have California as their primary home base. The companies we’ve picked are breaking new ground with technology that promises to reshape industries, benefitting both individuals and businesses in the process. Let’s get started.


Founded in Oakland by Julia Marsh, Matt Mayes, and Leland Maschmeyer, Sway seeks to drastically reduce plastic pollution, starting with its own home-compostable replacements for thin-film plastic packaging crafted from seaweed. The eco-friendly startup sees a future where all bags, pouches, and wrappers give back more than they take, from supporting coastal livelihoods to creating healthier soil through composting. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Provenance Bio

Based in San Francisco, Provenance Bio is a synthetic biology company that aims to provide meaningful alternatives to animal proteins. Founded by Michalyn Andrews, Dr. Zev Gartner, Dr. John Dueber, and Christian Ewton, they’re using their patented platform to develop full-length collagen for wide-scale applications in the pharmaceutical, material, and food industries. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Excellos, based in San Diego, is a crucial player in the healthcare sector, developing and manufacturing cell and gene therapies. They offer high-quality clinical manufacturing processes for CAR-T, tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte therapy, and immunotherapy, thereby supporting scientists and physicians in saving patients’ lives. Keep up with Excellos on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Algeon Materials

San Diego-based Algeon Materials aims to tackle climate change and plastic pollution head-on. Founded by Kim Pendergrass and Rose Fein, the company is leveraging ocean-derived materials like kelp to create sustainable bio-innovative alternatives to plastics. Find them on LinkedIn.

Tanso, Inc.

Helmed by Hemant Bheda and Wiener Mondesir, Tanso, Inc. is an Oakland-based startup, making strides in the manufacturing and robotics industry. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Albert Invent

Albert Invent is a San Francisco-based tech startup, aiming to accelerate innovation in new materials. Their Cloud Platform powers R&D processes, offering AI, machine learning, and a comprehensive materials database. Thousands of scientists, technicians, and engineers across the world depend on Albert Invent for increasing speed to market and automating regulatory compliance. Get to know them on their LinkedIn page.

These startups are an inspirational testament to the relentless drive towards innovation in the world of advanced materials. Despite facing the brunt of a global pandemic in their early years, these organizations have not only weathered the storm but continue to be trailblazers in their respective fields. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you more exciting startup stories, right here on Beststartup US.

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