Chicago’s Innovative Advertising Startups Revolutionizing US Industry Landscape

January 30, 2024

In the heart of the Midwest, high up within the windy city of Chicago, lie some of the most innovative advertising startups that have spawned during the past few years. Fueled by a diverse economy and an incubative environment, these startups have been significantly contributing to the advertising industry’s steady evolution in the post-digital era. The city’s advertising landscape breathes with startups rooted in various related sectors such as digital marketing, media and entertainment, freemium gaming, software, content development, SEO, public relations, and data visualization. The startups covered in this article were all founded in 2020 and have surpassed significant hurdles in a short period of establishing their identity within their respective industries.

The digital era, characterized by advanced tech-adoption and consumer behavior trends, demands businesses to be innovative and disruptive in their approach. Understanding consumer needs and driving engaging content has become quintessential for any advertising endeavor. These startups, armed with a vision to revolutionize the advertising industry, have leveraged technology and creativity to craft unique models of operation. From boosting revenues for bars through an entertainment platform to lighting up city streets with immersive advertising experiences, these startups are setting new benchmarks for advertising in the digital age.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details of these dynamic startups, each changing the face of advertising in its unique way, headquartered within the bustling city of Chicago.

Visual Feeder

Founded by Eddie Yang and Yaxi Yang, Visual Feeder is redefining street advertising by lighting up the city streets with full-motion advertising on high-traffic commercial retail locations. Exclusive locations within flagship stores, shopping malls, and high-traffic retail spots become an immersive and enticing advertising platform with Visual Feeder. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Matic Rupnik’s brainchild, Huvii, is an exciting entertainment platform designed to boost revenue for bars. Through premium games that customers can play using their phones, Huvii stimulates customer acquisition, retention, and engagement. For their updates, follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Pondir offers agency services, notably empowering businesses with software products for social media marketing. From digital advertising to monitoring Facebook ads and integrating Shopify, Pondir excels in providing comprehensive digital solutions. Connect with them on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @dylanpondir.

Screenverse Media

With a focus on Content Marketing and Social Media, Screenverse Media is evolving the landscape of online advertising. Get in touch with them on LinkedIn.

once + more

Founded by Samantha Ogborn, Once + more is bolstering businesses through SEO, general marketing optimizations, and quality copywriting. Stay updated through their LinkedIn and Facebook.

AGH Digital PR

AGH Digital PR brings together Advertising and Digital PR to create a cohesive marketing approach. Find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Jump Seat

Jump Seat works across Advertising, Advice, Digital Marketing, Professional Services, and Training to create holistic business solutions. They are operative on LinkedIn.


Founded by Nick Ellis, MediaBrain focuses on creating cloud-based solutions to analyze vast, diversified datasets. Follow them on LinkedIn for more information.

Smallwave Marketing

With Audrey Hutnick and Katy Oakley at the helm, Smallwave Marketing uses digital channels to amplify brand marketing. Connect with them through LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Scratch Collective

Founded by Amy Hoffar Cheronis and Melissa Pins, The Scratch Collective is actively operative in Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Social Media. Know more about them from their LinkedIn and Facebook.

No Walls Studio

With Jake Rynar leading the way, No Walls Studio‘s mission is to help real estate developers design and promote spaces with the customer in mind. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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