Comparing Different Styles of Bathroom Partitions

May 19, 2023
Comparing Different Styles of Bathroom Partitions

Does your commercial restroom have the optimal water closet configuration? Check out this guide on comparing different styles of bathroom partitions to determine which design is ideal for your needs.

Traditional Polyethylene Partitions

Traditional plastic partitions—often made from high-density polyethylene—are the most commonly used partitions in commercial restrooms. Aside from polyethylene’s exceptional moisture resistance and easy-to-clean surfaces, these partitions are often the most affordable options for many businesses.

Furthermore, solid plastic is resistant to scratches, vandalism, and other common public space wear and tear. Finally, polyethylene partitions are simple to install and maintain, saving your business labor and upkeep expenses in the long run. However, plastic is perhaps the most brittle partition material on this list and requires regular maintenance to ensure the condition remains high quality. Look out for signs that your partitions require new hardware to maintain functional and comfortable water closets.

Durable and Hygienic Options

While polyethylene partitions are reliable and simple to clean, there are more durable and hygienic options to consider when choosing a style for your commercial restroom. For example, steel partitions with an advanced powder coating are significantly more resistant to corrosion, moisture, and vandalism than other partition materials. If you have industrial or high-traffic public restrooms, 100 percent stainless steel partitions are a solid option, as they are incredibly rust- and moisture-resistant. Additionally, stainless steel materials provide a more modern and luxurious feel.

Luxurious Designs and Materials

If luxurious designs and materials are your preference, there are plenty of partition options you can select to achieve your dream image. For instance, wooden and opaque glass are two highly decorative and luxurious—albeit expensive—materials that add opulence to any commercial restroom. Furthermore, unique and distinctive partition layouts, such as floor-to-ceiling water closet configurations, can increase the bathroom experience for your patrons. These larger and more secure partitions offer significantly more privacy for building occupants and guests.

Use this guide on comparing different styles of bathroom partitions to ensure your commercial restroom environment is suitable for patrons. Most importantly, try and make each stylistic choice match your business’s overall decor and ambience!

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