Corfu’s Treasures: Antique Stores and Unique Shops of Corfu, NY

August 27, 2023

Superior Garden Decor

  • Website:
  • Categories: Antique Store
    Immerse yourself in a vast collection of antique garden decor, promising to take you on a nostalgic journey through time.

Schmidt’s Barn

  • Categories: Antique Store
    Schmidt’s Barn is an enigmatic destination where each piece tells its own story, waiting for a new home to resonate with its history.

Danielle’s Countryside Antique

  • Categories: Vintage Store, Antique Store
    Blending the lines between vintage and antique, Danielle’s offers a curated experience of bygone eras and timeless elegance.

Bad Brads Thrift Shop

  • Website:
  • Categories: Antique store, Antique Stores
    For those who cherish the thrill of the find, Bad Brads brings together a mishmash of antiques and vintage items, each with its own story.

Roger L. Glor Auction – Appraisal Service

  • Categories: Antique Store, Auction House, Real Estate Appraiser, Antique Stores, Real Estate Appraisers
    From antique sales to estate appraisals, Roger L. Glor is a trusted name in the Corfu antique community.

D & L Toy Trains

  • Website:
  • Categories: Hobby store, Collectibles Store, Toy Stores, Hobby Shops
    Reignite your childhood passion or discover the magic of model trains. D & L offers a plethora of collectibles for enthusiasts of all ages.

The Chair Caner

  • Website:
  • Description: Looking for chair caning and repair in Western NY? The Chair Caner offers decades of expertise in reviving beautiful but worn-out chairs.
  • Categories: Antique Restoration, Chair Caning, chair caning services

Kelly Schultz Antiques & Appraisals

  • Website:
  • Categories: Appraisers
    When authenticity matters, trust in Kelly Schultz to provide expert antique appraisals and insights.

Premier Antique Ctr

  • Website:
  • Categories: Antique store, Used Merchandise Stores, Antique Stores, Miscellaneous Retail
    A prominent name in the antique world, Premier Antique Ctr houses a vast array of treasures waiting to be rediscovered.

Antique World & Flea Market

  • Website:
  • Categories: Antique Store, Flea Market, Antique Stores, Local Business
    Blend the joy of antiquing with the thrill of flea market discoveries. A destination for both the serious collector and casual shopper.

Chicken Coop Originals

  • Website:
  • Categories: Antique Store, Gift Shop
    Every item at Chicken Coop Originals carries a legacy, whether it’s an antique or a unique gift.

Christner’s Antiques

  • Categories: Antique store, Furniture, Durable Goods, Wholesale Trade, Wholesale Trade-Durable Goods
    Christner’s stands out as a haven for collectors, interior designers, and antique enthusiasts with a wide range of exquisite pieces.

Batavia Bargains

  • Categories:
    Where antiquing meets affordability. Dive into Batavia Bargains for unexpected gems and timeless finds.

Antiques At The Glencroft

  • Website:
  • Categories: Antique Store, Lighting, Dealers, Glassware, Furniture, Glass, Antique Dealers, Antiques, Shopping, Artifacts, Primitive Art, Collection, Paintings, Antique Stores, Comic Books, Antique Shops, Interior Design Service, Stone Items
    Step into a world where art, history, and design intertwine. Glencroft is not just an antique store; it’s an experience.

Buffalo Road Imports

  • Website:
  • Categories: Toy store, Store, Crafts, Hobby, Toy Stores, Model Construction Supplies, Hobby Craft, Hobby & Model Stores, Collectibles Store, Hobby Construction Supplies Retail, Hobby Construction Supplies, Model Construction Supplies Retail
    For model enthusiasts and collectors, Buffalo Road Imports promises a delightful array of miniatures, crafts, and more.

Corfu, with its rich history and vibrant antique scene, continues to draw in both locals and visitors eager to immerse themselves in its treasures. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious traveler, these stores promise a unique and unforgettable experience.

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