Cornelius Care: Leading Pharmacy Outlets in Cornelius, NC

Exploring the diverse and specialized pharmaceutical and medical services in Cornelius

1. Publix Pharmacy at Magnolia Plaza

  • Website: Publix Pharmacy
  • About: Offering an extensive range of services, from patient counseling and immunizations to health screenings, Publix Pharmacy at Magnolia Plaza stands out with its comprehensive care. The added convenience of their app allows easy refill requests and payment options.
  • Categories: Pharmacy, Medication, Vaccines, and much more.

2. Walgreens on Catawba Ave

  • Website: Walgreens on Catawba Ave
  • About: More than just a pharmacy, this Walgreens offers an array of health and beauty products, and even a photo lab.
  • Categories: Pharmacies, Photo Lab, Greeting Card Shop, and more.

3. Walgreens on W Catawba Ave

  • Website: Walgreens on W Catawba Ave
  • About: Similarly comprehensive, this Walgreens location also provides COVID-19 testing alongside its other services.
  • Categories: Pharmacies, Convenience Store, COVID-19 Testing Facility, and more.

4. Harris Teeter Pharmacy

  • Website: Harris Teeter Pharmacy
  • About: At Harris Teeter Pharmacy, they pride themselves on the commitment to health. Pharmacists here go beyond prescriptions, providing advice, support, and vaccinations.
  • Categories: Pharmacy, Medical Supplies, Vaccination, and more.

5. Rite Aid

  • Website: Rite Aid
  • About: As a leading drugstore chain, Rite Aid boasts a modern store base, top-tier pharmacy technology, and a dedicated team of professionals.
  • Categories: Pharmacy, Beauty Products, Health Care Products.

6. CVS/Pharmacy

  • Website: CVS/Pharmacy
  • About: Known for its consistent services and extended hours, CVS ensures its patrons have access to pharmaceutical services almost all hours of the day.
  • Categories: Pharmacy, Drugstore, CVS Pharmacy.

7. Banfield Pet Hospital

  • Website: Banfield Pet Hospital
  • About: Providing expert veterinary care, Banfield Pet Hospital ensures the four-legged members of our families are taken care of.
  • Categories: Veterinarian, Animal Hospital, Veterinary Pharmacy, and more.

8. Dr. Mark P. Tompkins, DDS

  • Website: Lake Norman Smile
  • About: Focused on dental excellence, Dr. Tompkins and his team offer a variety of treatments and services to ensure optimal oral health.
  • Categories: Dentist, Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, and more.

9. Walgreens on Birkdale Commons Pkwy

  • Website: Walgreens on Birkdale Commons Pkwy
  • About: This Walgreens, like its counterparts, offers diverse services and products, ensuring the needs of the community are met.
  • Categories: Pharmacies, Convenience Store, COVID-19 Testing Facility, and more.

Cornelius, NC, has an abundance of health-focused establishments catering to a variety of needs. From regular medications and preventive vaccinations to specialized dental care, residents and visitors can rest assured that their health is in trusted hands.

Written by Mobb

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