Corydon’s Healthcare Gems: Nurturing Minds, Bodies, and Spirits

A Comprehensive Overview of Health Service Companies in Corydon, IN

1. General Surgery Assoc

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  • About: As their name suggests, the General Surgery Assoc specializes in general surgery and offers a comprehensive range of health services to the Corydon community.
  • Categories: Surgeon, Doctors, General Surgery, Health Services, Local Business, Clinics of Medical Doctors, Offices of Medical Doctors.

2. Wic Program

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  • About: The Wic Program plays a pivotal role in offering essential health services and supports to the Corydon community.
  • Categories: Social services organization, Health Services, Clinics of Medical Doctors, Offices of Medical Doctors.

3. After Hours Care-Harrison Coun

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  • About: A beacon of hope during emergencies, After Hours Care-Harrison Coun provides vital care during the hours most clinics are closed.
  • Categories: Medical clinic, Urgent Care, Local Business, Health & Beauty, Emergency Care Service, and more.

4. Capital Healthcare Inc

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  • About: A stronghold in the medical fraternity of Corydon, offering a multitude of health services to the residents.
  • Categories: Doctors, Health Services, Allied Services.

5. Norton Prompt Care at Walgreens

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  • About: This establishment combines quality healthcare with convenience, ensuring patients can access services even during odd hours.
  • Categories: Health Clinic, Wellness Center, COVID-19 Testing Facility, Flu, Virus Treatment, and much more.

6. Counsel House

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  • About: Mental wellness is paramount, and Counsel House is dedicated to providing the best counseling and psychological services to the Corydon community.
  • Categories: Counselor, Mental Health Service, Psychotherapist, Counseling Services, and more.

7. Dawn R Durbin DDS

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  • About: Expertise in dental care defines Dawn R Durbin DDS, offering quality dental services.
  • Categories: Dentist, Health Services, Offices of Dentists.

8. Day Dental

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  • About: From cosmetic to orthodontic services, Day Dental promises comprehensive dental care for the residents.
  • Categories: Dentist, Orthodontist, Cosmetic Dentistry, and more.

9. James Homrighausen DDS

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  • About: Specializing in oral surgery, James Homrighausen DDS stands as a prominent figure in Corydon’s dental scene.
  • Categories: Oral surgeon, Health Services, Dental Clinics.

10. Jamie L. Mull, Dmd

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  • About: Offering a unique combination of dental and mental health services, Jamie L. Mull, Dmd is indeed a multifaceted entity in Corydon.
  • Categories: Dentist, Mental Health Services.

11. Mark Hall DDS

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  • About: Mark Hall DDS has been instrumental in providing exceptional dental care, making smiles brighter in Corydon.
  • Categories: Dentist, Health Services, Local Business.

12. Harmony & Health

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  • About: A haven for those seeking holistic and natural treatments, Harmony & Health offers alternative health solutions.
  • Categories: Alternative & Holistic Health Service, Naturopathic practitioner.

13. Life Spring Mental Health Svc

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  • About: Championing mental wellness, Life Spring Mental Health Svc offers an array of psychiatric and therapeutic services.
  • Categories: Mental Health Service, Health Services, Psychiatric Hospitals.

14. First Capital Christian Church

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  • About: More than just a place of worship, they offer support, counseling services, and play an active role in the community’s well-being.
  • Categories: Christian Church, Counseling Services, Mental Health Services, Community Services, and more.

15. Natural Touch

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  • About: Offering relaxation and holistic treatments, Natural Touch is the go-to for spa services, massages, and beauty treatments in Corydon.
  • Categories: Tanning Salons, Spa, Massage, Day Spa, Yoga, Relaxation, and more.

The health landscape of Corydon, IN is vast and varied, ensuring that every individual finds the care they seek, whether it’s for the body, mind, or spirit. This showcase provides a snapshot of the many health services Corydon has to offer.

Written by Mobb

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