Cottage Grove’s Finest: A Tour of Leading Lawn Care Services Companies

Discover the vibrant world of lawn care and landscaping in Cottage Grove, OR.

Ortiz Trees

Skilled, experienced, and versatile, Ortiz Trees is a one-stop solution for all tree-related issues in Cottage Grove. With over a decade in the business, they offer tree removal, branch trimming, and more.

Artistic Landscape Maintenance

Offering a broad spectrum of services ranging from lawn mowing to gardening, Artistic Landscape Maintenance ensures your green spaces remain beautiful and well-maintained.

Gunn Landscaping

Providing an array of services including irrigation systems, lawn care, and garden services, Gunn Landscaping ensures your garden is green and your sprinklers are sprinkling.

Tree Professional

Tree Professional stands tall among its competitors. Offering tree cutting, gardening, and residential landscaping, they’re ready to spruce up your outdoor spaces.

All Around Landscape Maintenance

As their name suggests, All Around Landscape Maintenance offers comprehensive landscape maintenance services to keep your outdoors in pristine condition.

Mr Rogers Pest Management

Besides offering garden and home services, Mr Rogers specializes in pest control to keep your gardens and homes free from pests.

Earth Services Landscaping

For a more holistic approach to landscaping, look no further. From water gardens to landscape design, Earth Services Landscaping provides a plethora of services to cater to all your landscaping needs.

Earthworks Landscape and Design

This company focuses on creating designs that capture the essence of Cottage Grove’s natural beauty, ensuring your property stands out.

King Kyle Certified Arborist

For those in need of specialized tree services, King Kyle is your go-to. With expertise in tree care and shrub services, this local business is dedicated to keeping Cottage Grove’s trees healthy.

Baltzers Specialized Nursery

For garden enthusiasts, Baltzers offers a vast range of gardening tools and supplies, ensuring your garden remains vibrant and blooming.

Native Foods Nursery

Looking for resilient, edible plants for sustainable gardening? Native Foods Nursery provides a unique selection, combined with home-landscape design and installation.

Norm’s Irrigation Supply Inc

With over three decades of experience, Norm’s offers top-notch agricultural irrigation products, ensuring your crops get the water they need.

Graham Landscape Design & Maintenance

Graham is your trusted partner for all lawn care needs, with a team of experts dedicated to making your outdoor spaces shine.

Van Asperdt Anita Pc Landscape Architect

For those with a vision, Anita Van Asperdt brings her architectural expertise to design landscapes that are both functional and aesthetic.

Native & Urban Gardens

Blending the wild with the structured, Native & Urban Gardens offers landscaping solutions that are both natural and contemporary.

Cottage Grove’s lawn care and landscaping scene is thriving, with each company offering its unique touch. Whether you’re looking for basic maintenance or a complete landscape makeover, there’s a local expert ready to help.

Written by Mobb

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