Covina’s Cornerstones: Associations that Shape the City

Discover the diverse organizations and associations that form the bedrock of Covina, CA.

1. New Start Infant Development Program, Inc.

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    Though details remain scant, the organization’s name suggests a mission of nurturing and development, potentially offering essential services to the youngest members of the community.

2. Transformation Ministries

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    A multifaceted organization rooted in faith, their outreach likely spans both spiritual guidance and community service.

3. Teamsters Local Union No 396

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    A beacon of labor rights and workers’ welfare, this union represents the working heart of Covina.

4. Correct Elect, LLC

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    This specialized service ensures transparency and legality in Homeowners Association elections, playing a pivotal role in community governance.

5. Comboni Missionaries

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    A religious organization likely dedicated to missionary work and spreading faith across communities, both locally and globally.


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    Promoting empowerment, equality, and the elimination of racism, YWCA offers a range of programs tailored to women’s needs.

7. Knights Of Columbus – Manresa Council No 3522, Catering & Hall Rental

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    Beyond their fraternal gatherings, they assist councils with service programs, enriching Covina with community spirit.

8. Calvary Chapel Of West Covina

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    Likely a hub of spiritual growth and community, this church fosters faith and connection among its members.

9. YMCA – Main Child Care Center

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    Offering more than just fitness, the YMCA instills Christian principles in youth, guiding them toward fruitful futures.

10. Covina – Chamber Of Commerce

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    A pillar of local business development, this chamber promotes economic growth and fosters business connections.

11. Les Maisons Homeowners Association

An organization likely dedicated to maintaining the aesthetics, values, and community spirit of the Les Maisons neighborhood.

12. Amazing Love Ministries

Their name hints at a mission centered on faith, love, and outreach, though specifics are yet to be uncovered.

13. Covina Area Emergency Aide

In times of crisis, this organization likely steps in to provide assistance, showcasing the resilience and unity of Covina.

14. United Steelworkers Of America District 12

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    Representing steelworkers, this union champions labor rights, ensuring workers’ well-being in the industry.

15. Teamsters Local 848

Their absence of a digital presence doesn’t diminish their potential impact in fighting for workers’ rights within Covina.

Covina, with its myriad of associations and organizations, stands as a testament to the community spirit, dedication to welfare, and promotion of growth. Each association plays its part, making Covina a vibrant place to live, work, and grow.

Written by Mobb

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