Denver’s Innovative Software Startups Redefining Industry Standards in America

January 25, 2024

The software industry in Denver, Colorado, is globally recognized for its innovation, creativity, and growth. Since 2020, various startups have been making groundbreaking strides in the software industry. From virtual events platforms to human resource management and data analytics, these companies are leaving their mark on the tech industry. This article sheds light on some of the most innovative software startups in Denver, Colorado, that had their inception in 2020 or later.

Denver’s vibrant technology ecosystem attracts founders from across the globe. Some of these startups have applied technology to solve pressing challenges in communication, health care, and human resources. Let’s explore these startups to grasp their influential work within the software industry.

We’ll delve into the industry details, founders, descriptions, and the ways these startups have disrupted the software industry. From there, we can glean insights on Denver’s burgeoning technology industry and the startups that are creating waves in the sector;


Welcome, founded by Jerry Shen, Roberto Ortiz, and Tiger Shen, is a player in the Information Technology, Internet, Software, and Events industry. They create jaw-dropping virtual events, turning heads in the Colorado tech scene. Welcome gives an excellent and immersive experience to the virtual events audiences. They are accessible on social media connections via @createonwelcome and on Facebook, LinkedIn.


Keys, founded by David Blanchard, Jack Peterson, and Taylor Margot, work in the Artificial Intelligence, Dating, Mobile Apps, and Software industry. They leverage GPT3 to help people communicate more effectively. Keys offer an innovative and personalized approach to text communication. Reach them on their social media platforms – Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Hound, founded by Andrew Luna, Austin Huff, Austin Villarreal, Aydan Zeynalova, operates in the Health Care, Software, and Veterinary industry. They are creating a healthier working culture in veterinary medicine with their recruitment and employee engagement software. Connect with hound on their handles – Facebook, and LinkedIn.


CommercialTribe, founded by Jonathan Palay, Nathan Smalley, and Paul Ironside, runs in the Corporate Training, Education, Software, and Training industry. With CT Connect, they guide and optimize sales coaching facilitating better outcomes. Their social media contacts include @CommercialTribe on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Katherine Wells, the founder of Serenity, has her grip in the Elder Care, Elderly, Health Care, Messaging, and Software industry. Their HIPAA-compliant communication platform is designed to help older adults live more independently. You can follow Serenity on @SerenityEngage on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Start9 Labs

Start9 Labs, founded by Aaron Greenspan, Aiden McClelland, Keagan McClelland, and Matt Hill, contributes to the Consumer Electronics, Operating Systems, and Software industry. They develop EmbassyOS, a graphical OS for running self-hosted software. Get on board with Start9 Labs through @start9labs on Twitter and LinkedIn.


InterviewIA, led by Carolyn Lyons, Jacob Mueller, Joe Thurman, and Ubaldo Ciminieri, operates in the Human Resources, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software industry. Their platform helps companies build structured interview processes to make bias-free hires. Follow them on @interviewIA on Twitter and LinkedIn.


ReciprociT was founded by Stacie Allyn in the Accounting, Employee Benefits, Employment, Gift, Information Technology, Office Administration, and Software industry. Their digital solution helps employers engage their employees with donation matching benefits. Connect with ReciprociT on LinkedIn.

Global Expansion

Global Expansion, founded by Mark Thomas, is a key player in the Human Resources, Outsourcing, Professional Services, and Software industry. Their SaaS+ integrated services enable companies to hire, onboard, and run payroll in 214 countries. Engage with Global Expansion on their social media platform – @GX_PEO on Twitter.


ForceMetrics, founded by Andre McGregor, applies their Analytics, Data Visualization, Information Services, and Software solutions to improve the lives of citizens. Their product delivers actionable insights for law enforcement and community services. Get in touch with them on LinkedIn.


Eric Siroker founded Scribe in the Computer, Meeting Software, and Software industry. They developed intuitive software that transcribes and translates videos – making them more accessible. Follow them on their social media platforms – Facebook and LinkedIn.

Denver’s software industry is flourishing with the innovative capabilities of these emerging startups. The outlined startups are trailblazers in their respective industry niches. They are transforming industries, redesigning business processes, and unlocking unimaginable possibilities.

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