Discover Emerging New York-based Travel Startups Shaping US Industry

January 26, 2024

Welcome to this fresh addition to our series of articles featuring some of the most innovative and promising startups founded in 2020 or later. This article will lead us through the bustling streets of New York City, as we highlight startups in the travel industry that are firmly stamping their presence in the sector. From travel planning aids to corporate traveling simplifiers, we will peek into a range of digitally-driven solutions dramatically reshaping how we approach and experience travel. Let’s embark on this journey and dive into what these startups offer.

We all are well aware of the pivotal role technology plays in the evolution of the travel industry, and it’s awe-inspiring to see how these startups blend technology with creativity to provide novel solutions. These companies focus on areas as diverse as travel expenditures, finding parking spaces, reward flight options, and even societal causes like drunk driving. All of them are united by a common thread of innovation and problem-solving. So, without further ado, let’s start our tour.

The first startup we feature is headquartered in the heart of the city that never sleeps, New York, known for its startup-centric business ecosystem, fast-paced life, and endless opportunities.

Spotnana Technology

Pioneered by Sarosh Waghmar and Shikhar Agarwal, Spotnana Technology is a perfect blend of a travel service and technology company. Focusing on both individual and corporate clients, Spotnana strives to modernize travel by making it simpler and more affordable. Their Travel-as-a-Service Platform increases operational efficiency for partner industry players, unlocks new revenue sources, and facilitates innovation.

eladly (parking app)

Overshadowing the typical quandaries of finding parking, eladly, founded by Abdelrahman Eladly, Sarah Ismail, and Yehia Elsaka, brings a community-based parking solution. The app provides real-time information about nearby parking spaces and cleverly offers rewards that may be cashed out, donated, or redeemed at community stores.


HowMuchTravel, founded by Anton Klimenkov, Klavdiia Malysheva, and Vyacheslav Korostelev, is a unique service providing users an estimated travel budget. The service cleverly uses its founders’ extensive experience along with Big Data technology to suggest cool places, save money, and reduce planning efforts.

Rogue VC

Rogue VC is a daring venture capital firm with a keen interest in augmented and virtual reality startups, blockchain, and even space travel. Despite the scarcity of details about its founders or detailed operations, the firm has gained attention for its unique investment targets.


Founded by Jason Williams, Wingmen aims to end drunk driving by providing a personal driver service. Through Wingmen, users can request a driver anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re in need of a personal driver after a night of partying or a ride home after a medical procedure, Wingmen caters to various transportation needs.


Not much is known about AVMLO at the moment, but it operates within the realm of Professional Services and Travel., a creation of Adam Morvitz and Tiffany Funk, is a novel online search tool that displays real-time reward flight options. This service simplifies the process of choosing the best deal, transferring points, and booking your reward flight across dozens of frequent flyer programs.

Exploring Paths

Founded by Katherine Elizabeth Long, Exploring Paths is a platform that acts as a guidebook, social platform, and competitive outlet. Its unique approach of offering virtual, in-person, and interactive experiences promotes an active lifestyle and encourages physical activity.


BeeRemote, the brainchild of Gabriel Nimrod and Yaniv Kadosh, offers remote workspaces through their platform of over 25,000+ desks, meeting rooms, and offices worldwide.


Do away with countless hours of planning your travel as Itinsy brings you tailored itineraries for your next adventure. This platform stores travel itineraries from fellow travelers, offering reliable and tried and tested travel plans.


A final dash to our startup tour is Tripsst!, founded by Jaime Alberto Cabal, Javier Llanes, Luis Alejandro Moreno, and Rafael D. Fonseca Idler. This SuperApp allows users to discover, book, and share top experiences worldwide. The platform’s highlight is its high-quality content created by a diverse and talented team, inspiring millions to explore the world.

In conclusion, this startup tour showcases just a peek into the treasures hidden in the travel industry’s realm. Each venture, unique in its proposition and functionality, contributes significantly to a sector severely hampered by the recent pandemic but demonstrating exemplary resilience.

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