Discovering Cortlandt Manor: The Best Pubs to Raise a Glass

August 27, 2023

The Redline Roadhouse

Categories: Bar & Grill, Pub, American Restaurants
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This iconic spot fuses traditional pub vibes with a modern American grill flair. Whether you’re there for a night out or a hearty meal, Redline Roadhouse never disappoints.

Ajs Bar & Grill

Categories: American Restaurant, Bar & Grill, Sports Bar, Bar, Pub, Nightclub, Restaurant, American Restaurants, Bar & Grill Restaurants
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Aj’s offers a wide range of entertainment, from a sports bar to a nightclub. With its diverse atmosphere, there’s something for everyone at Ajs Bar & Grill.

Popeye’s Pub

Categories: Pub
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A classic, no-nonsense pub where the brews are cold and the atmosphere is warm.

Savannah’s Southern House

Categories: American restaurant, Bar, American Restaurants, Gastropub
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A gastropub with a Southern twist, Savannah’s Southern House serves up traditional American dishes in a cozy and inviting setting.

The Back Nine Indoor Golf

Categories: Bar & Grill, Sports & Recreation Venue, Sports Bar, Indoor golf course, American Restaurants
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For those who love golf or simply want a different pub experience, The Back Nine offers indoor golfing paired with delicious grub and drinks.

The Eagle Saloon

Categories: Bar
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This traditional bar offers a laid-back atmosphere where you can relax, sip your favorite drink, and make memories.

Roosters Wings & Brew

Categories: Bar & grill, Bar, Barbecue Restaurants
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Roosters Wings & Brew combines the best of barbecue and pub culture. Dive into a plate of wings while enjoying a wide selection of brews.

The Quiet Man Public House

Categories: Irish pub, Pub, Irish Restaurants, Bar & Grill
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A taste of Ireland in Cortlandt Manor. The Quiet Man provides an authentic Irish pub experience with traditional Irish dishes and drinks.

Fox Den Estates At Yorktown

Categories: Nightclub
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Where the night comes alive, Fox Den Estates offers a nightclub experience like no other in Cortlandt Manor.

Ruben’s Cafe Inc

Categories: Mexican restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Eating Places, Mexican Restaurants, Tex-Mex Restaurant, Eating & Drinking
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For those looking for a touch of Mexican flair, Ruben’s Cafe provides authentic dishes, drinks, and a lively atmosphere.


Categories: Bar
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A hidden gem, PeekskillCiderHouse offers a refreshing change of pace with its cider-centric menu and bar.

Whiskey River

Categories: Restaurant, Whisky Bar
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For the whisky aficionados, Whiskey River provides an extensive menu of whiskies paired with gourmet dishes.

Division Street Grill

Categories: American restaurant, Steakhouse, Bar, and more
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A true culinary experience, Division Street Grill offers everything from live jazz to event catering services. A must-visit for food and music lovers.


Categories: Pizza Place, Italian Restaurant, Pub, Restaurant, American Restaurants, Coffee Shop
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Gleason’s is where Italy meets America. With their array of pizzas, Italian dishes, and a cozy pub atmosphere, it’s a favorite among locals.

McDonald & Peacock Cider House

Categories: Pub, European Restaurants, Gastropub
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Experience Europe in Cortlandt Manor. This cider house and gastropub brings the best of European brews and dishes.

Cortlandt Manor boasts a range of unique pub experiences. Whether you’re looking for traditional vibes, diverse cuisines, or unique themes, there’s a pub waiting for you. Cheers!

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