Discovering Covington’s Educational Gems: A Guide to Prominent Elementary Schools

July 25, 2023

1. Glenn O Swing Elementary School

  • Categories: Elementary School, School

2. Taylor Mill Elementary School

  • Categories: From Kindergarten to Special Academic Education, this institution covers a broad spectrum of early education essentials.

3. Holmes Jr High School

  • Categories: A unique blend of elementary and high school services, along with additional educational offerings.

4. Calvary Christian School

  • Categories: A holistic institution providing everything from child care to high school education, rooted in faith and academic excellence.

5. Prince Of Peace Catholic School

  • Categories: A dedicated Catholic school offering both elementary and religious education.

6. St Augustine School

  • Categories: Offering services from elementary to middle school, this Catholic institution stands as a beacon of quality education.

7. Covington Independent Public Schools – Schools, Elementary, Latonia Elementary

  • Categories: Specialized in Elementary School education.

8. 6th District Elementary School

  • Categories: Dedicated to elementary school education.

9. Holy Cross Learning Academy

  • Categories: Focusing on both elementary and secondary education.

10. Holy Cross District High School

  • Categories: Bridging the gap between elementary and secondary education.

11. Holy Cross Elementary School

  • Categories: A comprehensive institution with a focus on elementary to middle school education.

12. Holy Family Catholic School

  • Categories: Rooted in faith, this school offers education from elementary through middle school.

13. Thomas Edison Elementary School
Categories: Spotlighting elementary education with a touch of grammar studies.

14. Schools-Public & Parochial – Ft Wright School
Categories: A union of public and parochial teaching methodologies, focusing on elementary education.

15. Gateway Community & Technical College

  • Categories: A versatile institution, from elementary education to college and university levels, it serves a diverse range of student needs.

This guide showcases the diverse range of educational establishments present in Covington, KY, each playing a vital role in shaping the future of the community. Whether you’re a parent seeking the best for your child or an educator looking to join a committed team, Covington’s educational landscape has something for everyone.

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