Discovering Farmville’s Finest: Leading Home Builders and Beyond

Nurturing homes and dreams in the heart of Virginia

Martin And Sons Construction, LLC

Specializations: General Contractor, Roofing, Home Additions, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, Siding, Painting, Power Washing, Deck Building, and more.
While the company’s website remains elusive, their wide range of services cater to almost every home construction need imaginable. From laying the foundation to adding the finishing touches, Martin And Sons have made a mark in Farmville with their comprehensive offerings.

Lockridge Homes

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Specializations: New Home Dealer, Home Builder, Custom Home Builder, Real Estate Agent
Lockridge Homes stands as a testament to three decades of innovation in home building. Emphasizing both value and efficiency, they’re a go-to for residents looking to invest in a home that stands the test of time.

Stokes Construction LLC

Specializations: Roofing, Construction, Home Building
Stokes Construction has carved a niche in both roofing and home construction, showcasing versatility and quality in their projects.

Ayers Building & Supply Co Inc

Specializations: Home Building
A name synonymous with home construction in Farmville, Ayers continues to deliver homes built on trust and quality.

Haleys Modular Homes Inc

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Specializations: Modular Homes, Custom Modular Homes, Home Building
As Virginia’s largest Champion modular dealer, Haleys offers an intriguing blend of customization, affordability, and quality in modular homes. Their approach keeps homes dry and quality high, making them a top choice for many.

Mbs Construction

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Specializations: General Contracting, Roofing, Siding, Home Building and more.
From the roof to the foundation, Mbs Construction has a diverse range of services that cater to Farmville’s diverse construction needs.

Central Va Cabinet

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Specializations: Kitchen Remodeling, Cabinetry, Interior Design, Home Improvement, and more.
With a unique emphasis on kitchen design and cabinetry, Central Va Cabinet turns culinary dreams into reality, making every meal a feast for the eyes.

Chesterfield Auto Glass Inc

Specializations: Hardware, Building Materials, Mobile Home Dealers, Wallpaper and more.
Diversified in its offerings, this company has a solution for numerous home needs, from glasswork to garden supplies.

Oakwood Homes

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Specializations: Mobile Homes, EnergySmart Home
Offering affordable and energy-efficient homes, Oakwood Homes ensures everyone gets their piece of the world.

Clayton Homes

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Specializations: Mobile Homes, EnergySmart Home
Echoing Oakwood’s sentiment, Clayton Homes believes in affordability without compromising on quality.

World Insurance Associates (formerly Allied Partners)

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Specializations: Insurance Agency, Insurance for Home Builders, and more.
A national name with local roots, World Insurance Associates provides an array of insurance services tailored for Farmville residents.

Haileys Better Value Homes

Specializations: Mobile and Modular Homes, Building and Home Improvement
Emphasizing value without compromising on quality, Haileys is another trusted name for modular homes in Farmville.

Farmville Mobile Home Supply

Specializations: Modular and Mobile Homes, Equipment, and Parts
The one-stop destination for mobile home needs, from parts to full homes.

Bobs Glass and Muffler Of Farmville Incorporated

Specializations: Windows, Doors, Home Building, Sunrooms, Auto Parts, and more.
Offering a wide spectrum of services, this company is a testament to Farmville’s diverse home building scene.

Lowe’s Home Improvement

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Specializations: Home Improvement, Hardware, Construction Equipment, Flooring, Grills, Kitchen Appliances, and more.
A name known nationwide, Lowe’s in Farmville provides residents with quality hardware products and construction needs, cementing its reputation as a top choice for home improvement.

Farmville, with its rich tapestry of home builders and construction experts, continues to flourish. These companies, each unique in its offering, together weave the story of a town that builds not just homes, but dreams.

Written by Mobb

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