Driving Change: Spotlight on DC-Based Non-Profit Startups in the US

January 29, 2024

Starting a venture is always a daunting task. But, starting a non-profit in the heart of the United States – Washington, D.C., takes an extraordinary amount of effort, dedication, and most importantly, a selfless desire to make a difference. In this article, we will highlight recent startups, those founded in 2020 and beyond, operating in the non-profit industry in Washington, D.C. These trailblazing organizations are breaking boundaries, fueling innovations, and redefining the notion of ‘giving’ in the process.

Non-profits are often seen as the backbone of our society, catering to those avenues where the traditional enterprise model fails to reach. From offering social assistance to unprivileged groups to carrying out extensive research for public welfare, non-profit startups have ushered in a new era of social entrepreneurship. While each organization has a unique focus and operates in different industry segments, their common goal remains – to create a positive impact.

What sets these startups apart is their innovative approach towards addressing societal needs, coupled with excellent execution strategies. Let’s lift the curtain and shine a spotlight on these amazing non-profits based in the U.S capital.


Founded by Omolara Fatiregun, Thrive! is working towards reducing poverty by providing training to local government contractors and community organizations. They belong to the Non-profit and Social Assistance industry.

Corus International

Operating in Banking, Non-Profit, Public Safety sectors, Corus International is an exemplar in the nonprofit universe. Follow them on their LinkedIn page for a closer look at their work.

Black Men Ventures

Black Men Ventures, founded by Alfred Duncan, is a non-profit that is catalyzing change in the Charity, Communities, Financial Services, and Social sector. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook to get acquainted with their pioneering work.

Nature For Justice

Nested in the Farming, Forestry, and Non-Profit industry, Nature For Justice offers resources to organizations working with local communities, and their work revolves around nature conservation and climate change mitigation. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Global Leaders Assembly Foundation

Catering to Communities, Non Profit, Professional Networking sectors, Global Leaders Assembly Foundation fosters peer-to-peer learning among stakeholders to develop deeper understanding and trust. To know more, visit their LinkedIn page.

Change the Chamber

Change the Chamber is a non-profit advocating for climate-conscious legislation while empowering sustainable future innovations. Join their initiatives through their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Immediate Solutions International

Playing a significant role in the Charity, Non Profit, Service Industry, and Technical Support sectors, Immediate Solutions International engages in a wide array of development works. Follow them on Facebook to learn more about their impactful work.

Water Finance Exchange

Water Finance Exchange operates in the Environmental Consulting and Non-Profit sectors with a mission to provide insight, information, and solutions to global water challenges. Learn about their work on their LinkedIn page.

Black Catholic Messenger

Black Catholic Messenger, a nonprofit news organization, regularly publishes articles about black catholics. Join their community on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Global Center

The Global Center offers a wide array of program services in Education, Media, Entertainment, and Professional Services sectors. Keep track of their projects through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Leg Up in IT

Dedicated to the Education, Information Technology, Non-Profit, and Training sectors, Leg Up in IT provides opportunities that enable individuals to kickstart their career in IT. Dive deep into their work on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.

These startups exemplify how a small group of individuals with a shared vision and unyielding determination can create meaningful change. They remind us that with the right mix of innovation and passion, it’s possible to disrupt entire industries for the betterment of society.

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