EdTech Marvels: 15 Delaware-based Startups Transforming Education

Unleashing the Power of Technology in the World of Learning


In the small but mighty state of Delaware, a thriving ecosystem of education technology (EdTech) startups is on a mission to revolutionize learning. From AI-driven financial platforms to personalized coaching interventions, these 15 companies are harnessing the power of technology to transform education and empower learners of all ages. In this article, we dive into the world of Delaware’s EdTech startups and explore the innovative solutions that are reshaping the future of learning.

PipelinerOnline: Building Financial Skills in the Flow of Work 💼

PipelinerOnline offers an online simulator for financial modeling, empowering SMBs to build their skills in the flow of work. W:

Nuntiux: Empowering Students with AI-Driven Financial Platform 💸

Nuntiux enables students to raise funds for university through its AI-driven financial platform with a social mission. W:

Hypatia Tech: Transforming Education with Cutting-Edge Solutions 🔍

Hypatia Tech helps transform education through innovative solutions driven by technology. W:

EdMyst: Disrupting Talent Development with AI-Powered Coaching 🎓

EdMyst disrupts talent development using behavioral science and AI-powered coaching interventions personalized for every individual and business. W:

EdSanta Education: Innovative and Efficient Learning Solutions 📚

EdSanta Education provides innovative, engaging, and efficient ways to learn, skill, and reskill. W:

CompSciLib: On-Demand Computer Science Education for Global Students 💻

CompSciLib offers on-demand computer science education and assistance for students worldwide. W:

Ultima: Accelerating Careers through Online Schooling 🚀

Ultima is an online school that accelerates the careers of thousands of people. W:

Waylight: Monetizing Audiences with Paid Video Calls and Chats 🎥

Waylight offers an audience monetization platform with paid video calls, chats, blogs, and more. W:

Online Kids Academy: ESL Platform for Young Learners 🌟

Online Kids Academy is an ESL platform for kids ages 3 to 15, helping them learn English through online practice with tribal tutors. W:

Journey App: Next-Gen Employee Development Platform 🏅

Journey App is a next-gen employee development platform designed to nurture professional growth. W:

Smartschool: Boosting SAT Scores through Personalized Learning 📝

Smartschool helps students improve their expected SAT scores using the science of learning and personalization. W:

Campus Credit: Connecting Businesses with College Communities 🎓

Campus Credit offers businesses a direct channel into college communities through its interactive Campus marketplace and proprietary API.

Codiggo: Incubating Gifted Minds through a Digital School 🌟

Codiggo is a digital school and community incubator for gifted students, nurturing their exceptional talents. W:

Fluentino: Audio-Based Group Chats for Language Learning 🗣️

Fluentino facilitates audio-based group chats for curated discussions in foreign languages, fostering language fluency. W:

Swoddy: The All-in-One Language Learning Platform 🌐

Swoddy is an all-in-one language learning platform designed to enhance language skills effectively.


Delaware’s EdTech startups are the torchbearers of innovative learning solutions, driving transformation across the educational landscape. From personalized coaching interventions to audience monetization platforms, these 15 companies are making a profound impact on learners’ lives. With technology as their ally, these EdTech marvels are illuminating the path to a future of accessible, efficient, and inclusive education.

Written by Mobb

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