Electrifying Innovations: Exploring New Jersey’s Dynamic Electronics Companies

Unveiling the cutting-edge electronic startups that are powering technological advancements in the Garden State


New Jersey, known as the Garden State, is not only home to lush landscapes but also a thriving electronics industry. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 15 fascinating electronics startups in New Jersey that are driving innovation and shaping the future of technology. From self-powered smart windows to advanced lighting products and position sensors, these companies are revolutionizing various sectors with their groundbreaking solutions. Join us as we delve into the dynamic world of New Jersey’s electronics startups and discover the visionaries behind these electrifying innovations.

Andluca Technologies: Empowering Smart Windows with Intelligent Systems

Website: Andluca Technologies

Description: Andluca designs and develops self-powered smart window products that integrate intelligent systems and highly-transparent photovoltaic coatings, ushering in the era of sustainable and efficient buildings.

Freedom Grooming: Redefining Personal Care with Innovative Shaving Products

Website: Freedom Grooming

Description: Freedom Grooming manufactures high-quality shaving and scalp care products, delivering exceptional grooming experiences to individuals worldwide.

Shopworn: Unveiling Luxury Timepieces and Accessories Online

Website: Shopworn

Description: Shopworn is an online marketplace offering luxury watches, jewelry, and accessories, providing enthusiasts with access to prestigious brands at attractive prices.

Satellite Display: Transforming Communication through Technological Solutions

Website: Satellite Display

Description: Satellite Display specializes in creating innovative technological solutions that enhance communication for clients across industries, fostering efficient and impactful interactions.

Insituware: Revolutionizing Materials Control with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Website: Insituware

Description: Insituware provides state-of-the-art materials control solutions, offering real-time monitoring and analysis tools to ensure quality and consistency in manufacturing processes.

BitroGroup: Illuminating Signage and Architectural Applications

Website: BitroGroup

Description: BitroGroup is a leading manufacturer of advanced lighting products for signage, display, branding, and architectural applications, enabling captivating visual experiences.

GlobalGeeks: Delivering Tech Solutions for a Connected World

Website: GlobalGeeks

Description: GlobalGeeks is a U.S.-based tech solutions company specializing in consumer electronics, providing comprehensive services that cover a wide range of worldwide companies.

Phone LCD Parts: Empowering Organizations with Mobile Device Replacement Parts

Website: Phone LCD Parts

Description: Phone LCD Parts offers wholesale cell phone, LCD, and mobile device replacement parts, supporting organizations in efficiently repairing and maintaining mobile devices.

AVRspot inc.: Immersive Experiences with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Website: AVRspot inc.

Description: AVRspot inc. specializes in augmented and virtual reality solutions, creating immersive experiences for various industries, including gaming, training, and education.

Merit Controls: Enabling Grid Integration for Power Generation

Website: Merit Controls

Description: Merit Controls provides grid integration products and services to engineering, procurement, and construction firms, as well as power plant owners, facilitating seamless power generation integration.

Fiberfox America: Connecting the World with Fiber Optic Equipment

Website: Fiberfox America

Description: Fiberfox America is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic equipment and connectors, enabling high-speed and reliable communication infrastructure worldwide.

Fluvius: Driving Multi-Utility Solutions

Website: Fluvius

Description: Fluvius is a multi-utility company providing essential services in electricity, natural gas, and digital connections, contributing to the sustainable development of communities.

Evolution Sensors and Controls: Innovating in Temperature Measurement

Website: Evolution Sensors and Controls

Description: Evolution Sensors and Controls designs and distributes thermocouple connectors, sensors, and wires, ensuring accurate temperature measurement in various industrial applications.

1 SOUND: Amplifying Sound Solutions for the Commercial Sound Industry

Website: 1 SOUND

Description: 1 SOUND is a professional loudspeaker company that provides cutting-edge audio solutions for the needs of the commercial sound industry, delivering immersive sound experiences.

NewTek Sensor Solutions: Precision Position Sensors for Industrial Applications

Website: NewTek Sensor Solutions

Description: NewTek Sensor Solutions designs and manufactures high-precision position sensors for industrial applications, enabling accurate and reliable measurement in demanding environments.


New Jersey’s electronics startups are at the forefront of technological advancements, propelling innovation in various domains. From smart windows and lighting solutions to advanced materials control and position sensors, these companies are transforming industries and improving the way we live, communicate, and connect. With their commitment to pushing boundaries and their passion for developing groundbreaking solutions, these 15 remarkable electronics startups are solidifying New Jersey’s position as a hub of technological innovation and excellence. As they continue to drive progress, we can expect them to shape a future that is smarter, more efficient, and more connected than ever before.

Written by Mobb

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