Emerging Boston-Based Finance Startups Revolutionizing US Industry Landscape

January 29, 2024

The Boston finance scene is bustling with innovative startups disrupting the industry with unique financial solutions. If you’re keeping tabs on the finance industry, here are ten startups based in Boston, Massachusetts you should know about. All these startups started their operations in or after 2020 and are contributing meaningfully to the finance industry.

These companies range from fintech startups to investment firms and everything in between. Notably, several of the firms listed below are combining cutting-edge technology and financial services to offer groundbreaking solutions for wealth management, trading, and more.

Keep reading to learn about these finance industry startups that are making waves in Boston, with detailed information about their offerings, folunders, social media links, and more.


Resultid, founded by Aditya Badve, Kevin Magee, and Sifron Benjamin, provides a software platform that extracts obscured connections between scientific and market data. It offers real-time data from disparate sources, leading to quicker decision making. Keep up with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


BrightUp is a financial wellness platform that democratizes financial wealth building and personal well-being. Founded in 2020, it partners with employers to deliver comprehensive financial wellness benefits to employees. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


NurseWallet, founded by Diego Concha and Patrick McDonough, operates in the finance and mobile apps industry. Follow them on LinkedIn.


QuantFu offers a platform for equity trading, forex trading, cryptocurrency trading, and more, with a focus on automated algorithmic trading. They are on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Adaptive Investment Solutions

Founded by Jonathan Wells, Nathaniel Wice, and Philip Sun, Adaptive Investment Solutions offers a powerful fintech platform that simplifies personalized portfolio solutions. Stay up-to-date with them on LinkedIn.


MaxOS, founded by Andy Singleton, specializes in blockchain, finance, fintech, and software. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Style Mortgage

Style Mortgage, offers mortgage and refinancing services. They are also active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Act2 Financial

Founded by Matt Halperin, Act2 Financial provides financial and health alerts to vulnerable seniors and their families.

Guild Finance

Guild Finance is a crypto wallet for gamers, used for gaming purchases and rewards, founded in 2020 and headquartered in Boston. Stay in touch with them on LinkedIn.

Lateral Ventures

Lateral Ventures is a venture capital studio dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare. They can be found on LinkedIn.

Quintilian Capital

Quintilian Capital is a peer-to-peer network that focuses on student financial education and career success. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

These are just some of the exciting finance startups based out of Boston. Startups like these are not only bringing financial services to the fingertips but are also helping democratize the finance industry.

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