Emerging Chicago-Based Education Startups Shaping US Learning Landscape

January 26, 2024

In an era that has witnessed a significant disruption of the traditional education system due to the COVID-19 pandemic, startups have played a crucial role in offering adaptive and innovative education solutions. Within this context, we zoom into the education landscape in Chicago, Illinois, focussing on startups birthed in 2020 or later. These startups are a testament to the resilience and creativity of the entrepreneurs in the face of dramatic global change.

The education startups we explore range across a variety of domains: from electronics and hardware, cannabis and training, finance, analytics, environmental engineering, advice, IT and software, personal development to e-learning. Whatever their field, these startups have taken it upon themselves to infuse the education landscape with fresh and innovative ideas, adapting and thriving in the current scenario. Some have even born out of the pandemic itself. Without further adieu, let us delve into this diverse space.

While the startups are addressing different audiences, issues, and opportunities, a common thread that runs through them all is their strong commitment to making education more accessible, interactive, effective and enjoyable. They represent a small, but significant, part of the vast constellation of education startups that are shaping and transforming the new age of learning.


Compocket, initiated by Ilayda Buyukdogan and Selim Coskun Guler, works to enable easy test and measurements via compact, smart and practical solutions in the electronics, hardware, industrial manufacturing and STEM education sectors. Present both on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, follow them to stay connected.

Seed Talent

David Friedman’s Seed Talent is a community-based professional development platform catering specifically to the cannabis industry by providing training and professional development for the industry’s next generation. Their social media presence spans Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Teen Trillionaire

Founded by Aryav Bothra, The Teen Trillionaire is carving a niche for itself in the education and finance realm. They’re about empowering the youth financially. Connect to them on LinkedIn.

Bull Tongue Tech

An interesting fusion of analytics, education, market research and retirement industry plays a major role at Bull Tongue Tech. Want to know more about them? Follow on Twitter.

Eco Circle International

Eco Circle International, a non-profit organization, aims to educate on the intersectional environmental crises and mobilize youth to organize sustainable initiatives. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Prysm Institute

In the Advice & Education arena, Prysm Institute stands out with its incubator programs. They are also active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Within the education, IT, software and venture capital industries, Hatchub reigns as a prominent player. To see their latest updates, follow them through LinkedIn.

Keetas Place

Keetas Place, a non-profit organisation, works to empower middle school and high school girls from low-income and underserved communities by providing essential life skills. Their presence is equally vibrant on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Re-Write It Project

The Re-Write It Project aims at reducing education inequities, by providing learning resources and combating systemic influences. You can find them at Facebook and LinkedIn.


Guidance8 works towards encouraging the younger generation to volunteer, donate to charity, and help people improve their quality of life. Follow Guidance8 on Twitter and Facebook.

Teaching Buddies

Teaching Buddies provides free writing and critical thinking classes for rising 1st – 8th graders, helping children write, read and learn thinking skills. Connect with them on various platforms: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Each one of these startups is creating waves in their respective fields, redefining education and making it more dynamic and user friendly. By tackling unique challenges, they are shaping the future of education in their own way. While the pandemic has been a crisis of mammoth proportions, it has also ushered in an era of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of education, something that these startups exemplify.

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