Emerging Dallas-Based Fintech Startups Revolutionizing US Financial Services

January 30, 2024

Dallas, a vibrant metropolis in the state of Texas, is home to several high-growth startups that are reshaping the landscape of the financial services industry. Dallas was born from entrepreneurial spirit and continues to nourish it by fostering a supportive business environment ripe for innovation. Further, with its central location and favorable state policies, the city presents startups with expansive potential customer base and access to a large pool of highly skilled talent. This article is a celebration of startups in the financial services sector, that were launched in or after 2020, and are creating revolutionary financial products and services in Dallas.

The past year has seen a boom in financial startups providing a range of services, from banking to insurance, from financing solutions to wealth management. Relying on the power of technology, these startups are breaking traditional barriers, making financial services more accessible, cost-effective, and user-friendly. From redefining consumer fintech experiences to offering solutions for those usually declined by other financial services, these startups are working towards reshaping the industry.

The startups enlisted below are a testament to Dallas’ dynamic startup ecosystem and its contribution to the financial services sector. These fledgling companies have not only weathered the storm that was 2020, but have also managed to thrive, turning challenges into opportunities. Here they are:


Founded by Mark Bechhofer and Ruben Izmailyan, Quiltt operates at the intersection of Banking, Developer APIs, Financial Services, FinTech, Personal Finance, and Software industries. It offers a platform that simplifies the integration of diverse consumer fintech experiences into any app. Connect with them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter at @quilttfintech.

Covered Care

Created by Ken Rees and Shane Foster, Covered Care provides financial services to healthcare sector. Its programs support patients who are usually rejected by other financing options, thereby helping businesses navigate through economic challenges.

Anchor Capital GP

Anchor Capital GP, led by Jen O’Neal, Jim Okun, and Michael Mann, operates in the finance, financial services, and venture capital industries. Connect with them on Twitter at @AnchorCapitalGP.

Upland Capital Group

Providing services in employee benefits, financial services, and insurance sector, Upland Capital Group offers a variety of services including excess transportation liability, public entity, primary casualty, among others. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Big Sky Funds

Big Sky Funds offers services in the commercial real estate and financial services industry. Check out their LinkedIn profile here.

Sycamore Tree Capital Partners

Sycamore Tree Capital Partners is another noteworthy contributor in the financial services sector in Dallas. Check out their LinkedIn profile here.

Ignite Investments

With its foundation in the commercial real estate and financial services industries, Ignite Investments uses its experience to establish optimal deal structures designed to maximize profits for investors and sponsors alike. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Skylark Private Equity Partners

Founded by Amy Porter, Skylark Private Equity Partners fuels growth by partnering with entrepreneurs in the lower middle-market. Check out their LinkedIn profile here.


Founded by Eugene McNeil and Michael Harry in 2020, Privvy allows homeowners to access the equity that they were told was inaccessible. Thus, revolutionizing the fintech and real estate industries. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Canvas Investments

Canvas Investments, rooted in the cannabis, finance, financial services, and real estate industries, is a known player in Dallas’ financial services sector. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Homeric, offering services in consulting, credit, and financial services, is at the forefront of the Dallas’ financial startup scene. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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