Emerging Denver-Based Fintech Startups Revolutionizing US Financial Services Industry

January 27, 2024

In our ongoing series highlighting US startups, we shift our focus to Denver, Colorado – the Mile High City. Known for its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor-focused lifestyle, Denver has emerged as a hotbed of financial services startups since 2020. This industry is rapidly transforming with the infusion of new technologies and innovative business models, and these Denver-based startups are leading that transformation. From financial planning to wealth management to impact investing, these companies offer a wide range of services.

These startups, though young, display the forward-thinking, innovative mindset required in today’s dynamic financial services industry. They cater to various market segments, including individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, and institutions. Here are some of Denver’s exciting new startups in the financial services industry:

Blue Room Investing

Founded in 2020, Blue Room Investing offers a public equity hedge fund and separately managed private impact investments across sectors. They provide bespoke solutions tailored to both the customer’s and company’s needs. They specialize in hedge funds, impact investing, and management consulting. Their services can be reached through phone, email or application form.

Acru Solutions

Involved in accounting, financial reporting, taxes, and data analytics, Acru Solutions provides a wide array of financial services. They offer monthly GAAP or Cash closes, AP & AR processing and management, expense management, payroll processing, and inventory costing, to name a few. The startup was born in 2020 and operates in the Accounting, Analytics and Wealth management niches.

Fetch MI

Fetch MI is a FinTech startup in the Lending and Software sectors. Founded in 2020, it brings a fresh approach to the financial services industry.

Ensemble Innovation Ventures

Ensemble Innovation Ventures is a 2020 established startup providing Venture Capital platform in the Financial services industry.

Family Legacy Capital

Founded by Hendrik Jordaan, Family Legacy Capital is a financial services startup established in 2020.

Elk River Wealth Management

Elk River Wealth Management is a startup that operates within the Financial Services, Lending, Real Estate and Wealth Management industries. Founded in 2020, it brings a wealth of experience to these sectors.

Evolution Private Investment Collective

Founded in 2020, Evolution Private Investment Collective is redefining the Financial Services, Wealth Management sectors with impactful investing.


Beth Mckeon and Jaime Gassmann founded Fluent in 2020. Their flagship product, Fluency Score, gives startups a standardised business model risk score. They are fundamentally changing the early-stage venture decision-making process with this data-driven tool, making it more transparent, equitable, and accessible.

Nspire Wealth

Nspire Wealth, established in 2020, works within the Asset Management, Consulting and Financial Services industries, delivering high quality, efficient services.


Fuze is a 2020-started startup in the Financial Services, Payments and B2B sectors. Fuze aims to bring innovative B2B payment solutions to businesses.

Drive Capital Group

Ryan Atkin founded Drive Capital Group in 2020. The startup is a financial services provider offering advice and consulting. Its LinkedIn page can be found here.

With the financial services industry in constant flux, these startups are at the forefront of that change. They offer a glimpse of what the future might hold for not just Denver, but the financial services sector as a whole.

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