Emerging Houston-Based Medical Startups Revolutionizing Healthcare in America

January 26, 2024

For this article, we’ve focused on innovative medical startups from Houston, Texas, all of which were founded in 2020 or later. The medical industry has always been a critical sector globally, but more so during the last two years, the pandemic has underscored the importance of pushing the boundaries of healthcare. From digital health solutions and induction therapy services to efficient medical technology management systems, these startups are transforming the medical industry landscape, driven by the shared objective of enhancing patient care.

They’re not just improving treatments & diagnostics, but also creating solutions that make health care more accessible and patient-centric. Through digitization, automation, and artificial intelligence, these companies are taking on the challenges of modern healthcare head-on, enhancing operational speed, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes.

Read on to discover ten promising Houston-based medical startups that are making waves in the industry with their innovative solutions.


RepeatMD, co-founded by Philipp Sitter, is a B2B software company that specializes in creating fintech and patient engagement solutions for the cosmetic surgery and healthcare market. Their software suite offers a rewards program, a marketplace for selling memberships and treatments, and tools for driving more referrals, financing treatments, and automating patient retention. Facebook | LinkedIn.

Octagos Health

Octagos Health, founded by Shanti Bansal, provides a cloud-based platform that aggregates remote and in-person interrogations for all cardiac rhythm management (CRM) manufacturers. Their system not only provides better population insights, but it also reduces the cost of care, staff time, paper processes and missed reimbursements. Facebook | LinkedIn.


CaseCTRL is a surgery scheduling and management platform, which uses artificial intelligence to eliminate the administrative burden of surgery planning and increase patient engagement. Founded by Ashvin Dewan and Pamela Singh, CaseCTRL is helping to reduce surgery cancellations and operational costs while maximizing surgical case revenue. Facebook | LinkedIn.


OptiChroniX, co-founded by Albrecht Tribukait, Anna Grabowski, Le Dam, and Mark Edwards, develops digital health interventions to improve brain health early. Their solutions include personalized coaching to improve health literacy and medication adherence, and positively impact modifiable risk factors primarily responsible for the cognitive decline in patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease and associated co-morbidities. Facebook | LinkedIn.

Epsy Health

Epsy Health is a digital health service provider that helps doctors provide faster, more accurate diagnoses and identify the best individual treatment for each patient. In doing so, they contribute to advancing healthcare access, affordability, and patient-centric services. Facebook | LinkedIn.

NeuMed Modern Urgent Care + IV Therapy

Co-founded by Akash Bhagat and Victoria Bhagat, NeuMed Modern Urgent Care + IV Therapy offers medical treatment services ranging from infusion therapy to wound care management. In addition to the aforementioned, they also offer occupational health services and address inquiries through phone calls and emails. Facebook | LinkedIn.

TECQ Partners

TECQ Partners offers management services including technology and claims management, value-based contracting, coding accuracy, population health, and utilization management. They address inquiries via phone calls and emails. LinkedIn.

Tiger Testing

Tiger Testing conducts Covid-19 testing. Facebook | LinkedIn.

Texas Brain Institute

Texas Brain Institute offers services for diagnosing and treating traumatic brain injuries, migraines, and headaches. Their treatment services include brain injury assessment, neuropsychological clinical assessment, and diffusion tensor imaging. Facebook | LinkedIn.

Opulent Kare

Opulent Kare offers comprehensive post-operative recovery aftercare management in the comfort of the patient’s home. Their services include wound care, blood clot prevention, vital sign assessment, recovery process education, and medication administration and management. Facebook | LinkedIn.

iNaira Healthcare

iNaira Healthcare operates in the healthcare space, offering analytics and artificial intelligence solutions for the medical industry. LinkedIn.

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