Emerging Jacksonville Healthcare Startups Revolutionizing US Industry Landscape

January 28, 2024

Founded in 2020 or later, several promising healthcare startups have made Jacksonville, Florida their home. These young companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to deliver health solutions in novel ways. In this article, we take a look at the unique capabilities and offerings of these startups playing pivotal roles in transforming the healthcare scene. From health diagnostics to consulting, IT, life science, medical services, mental health care, dental and more – here’s your chance to discover them all.

Jacksonville, Florida, a vibrant city often overlooked, is fast emerging as a prime location for healthcare startups. A growing talent pool, thriving local economy, and a supportive environment for startups have made it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry.

Let’s dive deep into these startups, exploring their foundations, their missions, and how they’re changing the future of healthcare. From family health diagnostic solutions to innovative emergency care equipment, these startups are making significant strides in the healthcare industry, offering new hope for patients and medical professionals alike.


Founded by Billy Meadow, PERSOWN provides a family health diagnostic solution delivered within a smartphone app. The goal? To bring affordable, near-instant testing and a full suite of personal health technologies to more than a billion underserved families around the world. Established in 2020, PERSOWN is championing innovative healthcare solutions. Stay in touch with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Luminology stands at the intersection of healthcare, information technology, life science, and medical industries. This startup provides medical and scientific communication services, including medical writing and editing, information management, healthcare communications, and event planning services. For updates, follow them on LinkedIn.

Lakeside Dental Management

Do you need leadership support in dental practices? Lakeside Dental Management is here to help. Their services extend to pediatric dental and orthodontic procedures, offering lending, vendor, and hands-on knowledge and training. With a variety of contact methods available, stay connected on LinkedIn.

VonOstir Innovation Services

VonOstir Innovation Services offers counseling, coaching, and consulting for mental healthcare. Catering to individuals, groups, children, and adults, this startup provides a stellar range of services. Stay in the loop by following them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Alivia Care

Alivia Care pioneers innovative care solutions through best-in-class services, collaborative partnerships, and strategic investments. Their mission is to provide leadership and support across its network of subsidiary organizations. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

HERO Medical Technologies

Founded by Debbie Kantor and Sherrin Whiteman, HERO Medical Technologies develops equipment for effective emergency care for head and limb injuries. The startup has created a cap-shaped rapidly applied hemorrhage-control “Smart” Bandage and a mobile application that uses AI for patient monitoring.


Paytegrity is a data-driven, machine-learning-based healthcare analytics startup. They specialize in payment integrity along with fraud, waste, and abuse detection. With a range of services from risk assessment to vendor transition support, they’re revolutionizing healthcare payment systems – find them on LinkedIn.

Sophros Recovery

Sophros Recovery caters to those struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Their team of therapists, counselors, and medical professionals tailor programs for each client’s individual needs, facilitating long-term recovery. Connect with them on Facebook.

Birdsong Hearing Benefits

Birdsong Hearing Benefits is advancing healthcare solutions in the medical device industry. Their specific focus, services, and founders were not specified. Keep up with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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