Emerging NYC Web Design Startups Revolutionizing the American Tech Scene

January 25, 2024

The emergent growth of the digital world over the past decade has created a surge in the need for high-quality, innovative web design. Startup companies that specialize in this field have been emerging throughout the United States, and New York is no exception. The following is a compilation of startup companies, incepted in 2020 or later, that are making waves in the web design industry in New York. These companies work to create durable designs, compelling content, and professional web development that enables businesses to thrive online.

Web design encompasses a variety of crucial aspects including website layout, content production, and graphic design. While previously dominated by large tech companies, startups are now re-shaping the web design landscape, bringing fresh ideas and groundbreaking designs to the table. The startups being discussed here not only provide impressive website designs but also offer other digital services such as social media management, SEO, and e-commerce solutions.

In showcasing these startups, we intend to exhibit their significant contribution to enhancing business’ online presence. From high-quality websites for global commerce to the creation of interactive web and e-commerce sites, these companies are pioneers in their field. Here are some of the startups that are turning heads in the web design industry based in New York, New York.

Global Commerce Media

Global Commerce Media offers digital marketing, web design and development services. The company’s approach involves turning complex challenges into simple and effective digital solutions.

Facebook: Global Commerce Media
Linkedin: Global Commerce Media

Gorgor House

Gorgor House is focused on Internet, Social Media, and Web Design. It is dedicated to developing robust and innovative solutions for businesses to optimize their digital presence.

Twitter: @gorgorhouse
Facebook: Gorgor House

FourTwo Creative

Founded by Antoinette Isama, Damola Durosomo, Hanan Osman, and Oyinkan Olojede, FourTwo Creative delivers extraordinary advertising services. They provide a range of strategies from editorial to brand, including website design and social media community services.

Twitter: @thisisfourtwo
Facebook: FourTwo Creative
Linkedin: FourTwo Creative

Piqual Inc.

Piqual Inc. was initiated by Joseph Olassa and Scott Nugent. This company provides comprehensive digital services, from advertising and content marketing to UX design, web design and development.

Twitter: @PiqualDigital
Facebook: Piqual Digital
Linkedin: Piqual Digital

Incredible Design Solutions

Incredible Design Solutions specializes in advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Web Design. They create tailor-made logos, websites, and brands to meet specific client requirements.

Facebook: Incredible Design Solutions
Linkedin: Incredible Design Solutions


Funded by Hannah Ryu and Veronica Shelton, OAK THEORY focuses on advertising, Brand Marketing, E-Commerce, Product Design, Web Design, and Web Development. The company utilizes creative problem solving and agile development for efficient results.

Facebook: OAK THEORY
Linkedin: OAK THEORY

Concept & Cadence

Established by Kelly Cox and Luke Ragno, Concept & Cadence is specializing in digital marketing, web design and web development, leveraging emerging technologies and innovative solutions to enhance their services.

Twitter: @ConceptCadence
Facebook: Concept & Cadence
Linkedin: Concept & Cadence

Hatch Logics

Hatch Logics provides a cocktail of digital services including web design, web development, graphic design, and digital marketing. This startup customizes its digital marketing strategies to suit each customer’s specific needs.

Linkedin: Hatch Logics

Alex Beige Web Dev

Alex Beige Web Dev is a NYC-based company that builds accessible & innovative Webflow web designs, aiming to elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility in the online universe.

Gold Penguin

Gold Penguin offers a broad range of advertising and marketing services, including blogs, youtube, lead generation, web design, and SEO services. They have earned a reputation for their quick and efficient response to inquiries through phone calls and emails.

Twitter: @GoldPenguinLLC
Facebook: Gold Penguin
Linkedin: Gold Penguin


Nixwood was established by Max Sitailo and Yana Matviychuk. This agency creates appealing web-sites using all SEO tools. They develop functional and interactive websites on CMS WordPress, meeting customer requirements within a surprising 24 hours.

Facebook: Nixwood
Linkedin: Nixwood

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