Emerging Pittsburgh Health Care Startups Revolutionizing US Industry

January 27, 2024

Welcome to another article in our series designed to showcase newly established U.S. based startups operating in the Health Care Industry. For this edition, we will spotlight startups based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, all of which were founded from 2020 onwards. Among these, you will discover organizations serving a wide array of subsectors, from digital healthcare platforms to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and non-profit endeavors, all striving to enhance the nation’s Health Care industry.

We have carefully compiled a list of these nascent companies, aiming to provide insight into their founders, what they offer, and their online presence. This should give our readers, including aspiring entrepreneurs, a glimpse into the innovative landscapes and emerging trends within this industry.

The selection features startups that have sprung up to address important Health Care challenges, such as sleep apnea treatment, price transparency in healthcare, or even organizing and tracking sterilization tools. So without any further ado, let us delve into the up-and-coming health care startups that call Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home.


Founded by Bill Kaigler, Christian Kebekus, and William Kaigler, SovaSage is a digital healthcare platform focused on the treatment of sleep apnea patients and other chronic conditions. The startup was established in 2020 and is providing life-changing digital healthcare solutions. The team behind SovaSage operates from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Realyze Intelligence

Specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Machine Learning, and Software, Realyze Intelligence is contributing to advancements in the Health Care industry. The startup is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Lifeware Labs

Founded by Alexi Charalambides, Lifeware Labs lies at the intersection of Fitness, Health Care, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Wellness. The startup is fashioning inventions from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

CHIM International

CHIM International operates within the realms of Education, Health Care, and Professional Services. The team at CHIM International bases its innovative operations out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sterile Vision

Founded by Dukens LaBaze and Stephen P. Canton, Sterile Vision provides a platform for organizing and tracking sterilizable tools and consumables in the perioperative environment. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based startup is making strides within the Health Care, Medical, and Medical Device industries.


Viatris, co-founded by S Nikhil Kumar, is a biotechnology startup with a firm belief in empowering people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life. The organization’s operations in the Health Care, Life Science, and Pharmaceutical industries are based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Mindstate Design Labs

With co-founders Dillan DiNardo and Tom Ray at the helm, Mindstate Design Labs is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based startup developing novel psychedelic-inspired therapeutics for intractable mental health conditions within its specialized Biotechnology, Health Care, and Therapeutics fields.

Handl Health

Fostered by Ahmed Marmoush and Ria Shah, Handl Health is a healthcare price transparency platform based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is breaking barriers within the Health Care field.


With tools and evidence-based techniques to self-manage ADHD, Eachday is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-situated startup catering to needs within the Apps, Health Care, and Medical sectors.


Respair operates from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, creating cutting-edge airway products for critical care settings within the Health Care, Manufacturing, and Medical Device sectors.

Cancer Bridges

Basing its operations out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cancer Bridges is a non-profit organization within the Events, Health Care, Non Profit, and Training industries, providing free emotional, social, and wellness support to cancer survivors.

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