Emerging Software Startups Shaping Tech Landscape in Salt Lake City, USA

January 28, 2024

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In recent times, Salt Lake City in Utah has emerged as a buzzworthy entrepreneurship hub, with numerous innovative startups taking root. A number of these startups are operating within the Software industry, demonstrating tremendous potential with a focus on diverse sectors like Cyber Security, HR, and Artificial Intelligence. Here are some of the promising startups founded in 2020 or later that are making strides in the world of Software in the region.

From executive availability management and cyber protection to gamified employee performance measurement and survival gear development, these startups are exploiting technology in ingenious ways to tackle contemporary challenges. Read on to learn more about these startups enhancing the Software industry landscape in Salt Lake City.

By exploring the profiles of these firms, readers will get an insight into the thriving startup scene in the city and the ideas that are driving innovation in the Software sector in this part of the United States.

Continuum Technology

Founded by Greg White, Mary Nelson, and Nolan Church, Continuum Technology‘s software manages executive availability, contracts, invoices, and payments. It enables fractional time executives and automates back office processes. Find them on LinkedIn.


alphaMountain.ai offers domain and IP intelligence feeds for cyber protection and investigational platforms. The company aims to enhance the safety of individuals online by offering enterprise data services and APIs for site reputation, risk, and typosquatting detection. See their ventures on LinkedIn.

Express Evaluations

Express Evaluations simplifies HR processes by introducing digital records, reports, and useful email notifications. Founded by Albert Foster, it can be contacted via mail, phone, or physical address. Explore their work on their LinkedIn and Facebook.

Heyday Now

Heyday Now uses interactive software to measure and report employee performance on a fun basis. Their gamified web app is designed for customer service and sales teams. Visit their LinkedIn to learn more.


Spearheaded by Bernard Kintzing and Charles Rey, Delven focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology solutions for Small and Medium Businesses. Get to know about them on their LinkedIn.

Galactic Bioware

Galactic Bioware, founded by Phillip Kingston, designs and manufactures advanced human survival gear and performance equipment for extreme environments. Visit their LinkedIn and Facebook to learn more.


R-Zero develops disinfection technologies for safer, healthier, and more productive indoor spaces. Helmed by Benjamin Boyer, Eli Harris, and Grant Morgan, the organization uses AI, ML, and IoT-connected hardware for smart risk reduction. Find them onFacebook ,LinkedIn ,andTwitter.


Developed by Divya Menon and Kyle Mallory, CTRL-F is a software application that digitizes a user’s memories. Learn more about them over their Facebook andLinkedIn.


Kwik centralizes everyone’s affiliate and loyalty programs, and rewards them for referrals and recommendations. Connect with them over LinkedIn.

BOOM Interactive

Boom Interactive Inc., founded by Henry Yamada and Timber Barker, specializes in machine learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and secure platform-based communication tools.


Co-founded by Jordan Harris, Kurt Wallace, Michael LeFort, and Pete Mastin, Learnie enables user-generated video and mobile microlearning and share within private groups or companies. Learn more on their Facebook and LinkedIn.


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