Emerging US Advice Startups Thriving within Minnesota’s Innovative Landscape

January 3, 2024

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, we witnessed the immense resilience of the entrepreneurship spirit. Contrary to the common narrative, many took advantage of the uncertain times, leveraging the changing landscape of business to provide new and innovative solutions to a cadre of emerging challenges. A host of new startups found their inception in industries like finance, consulting, and risk management. In this article, we take a look at a hand-picked selection of such startups in the Advice industry, with headquarters in Minnesota.

These startups have taken the bull by the horns, leveraging their expertise and acumen to offer advice across various sectors – from financial services to professional services, wealth and risk management, and even commercial real estate. They’ve adapted to the new normal, navigating through the crisis and setting an extraordinary example for aspiring entrepreneurs. For each company, we’ll delve into a brief bio, drawing attention to their industry, location, and key services, giving our readers an idea of the vibrant entrepreneurship landscape in Minnesota.

This isn’t just an exploration of new startups; it’s a celebration of the unrelenting determination that fuels them. Whether you’re an aspiring founder, an investor scouting for fresh ideas, or just someone intrigued by the realm of startups, this assembly of Minnesota’s brightest new players is bound to impress you. So without any further ado, let’s start exploring.

Ivory Hill

Founded in 2020, Ivory Hill is located in Bloomington and operates within the Advice, Financial Services, Professional Services, and Wealth Management sectors. For more information, follow Ivory Hill on LinkedIn.

Encephalo Investments

Based in Saint Paul, Encephalo Investments offers advice, consulting, and financial services. Follow their latest updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management

Located in Eden Prairie, Luebeck Geisler Hamm Wealth Management specialises in advice, consulting, financial services, and wealth management. Co-founder Kyle J. Luebeck leads the team. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Scarecrow Advisors

Scarecrow Advisors, situated in Savage, provides advice, consulting, financial services and risk management. Follow the company’s latest updates on LinkedIn.

Northborne Partners

Based out of Minneapolis, Northborne Partners offers advice, consulting, financial services, and professional services. Stay updated with their progress on LinkedIn.

Forte Real Estate Partners

Forte Real Estate Partners is located in Bloomington and offers a wide range of services including advice, project management, property management, portfolio services, and workplace solutions in the commercial real estate sector. For more updates, follow them on LinkedIn.

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