Emerging US Asset Management Startups Thriving in New York City

January 26, 2024

The city of New York, known worldwide as a financial hub, is home to several asset management startups established in 2020 or later. These newly emerged companies are at the forefront of innovative solutions in the field of asset management, combining their expertise in technology and finance to deliver high-quality services to their clients. This article will focus on these startups, providing a brief overview of their services and unique contributions to the industry.

The startups featured in this article represent various facets of asset management, ranging from investment management and property management to risk assessment and financial consulting. Despite their relatively recent establishment, these companies have already made significant strides in their respective domains, distinguishing themselves through their distinctive business models and innovative strategies.

In today’s dynamic and competitive environment, these startups are leveraging the latest technologies to streamline the way assets are managed, making the process more efficient and less prone to human error. From harnessing data analytics to assist in investment decision-making to utilizing technology to maximize asset utilization, these startups are transforming the landscape of the asset management industry in New York and beyond.

Opto Investments

Co-founded by industry veterans Jacob Miller, Joe Lonsdale, Mark Machin, and Matt Reed, Opto Investments offers independent investment advisors complete solution to access private market investments. Operating in the Advice, Asset Management, and FinTech sectors, the company has made a name for itself by providing novel solutions for investment management.

Avenue One

A full-service platform in the Asset Management, Home Renovation, Property Management, and Real Estate sectors, Avenue One has made a significant impact on the single-family rental industry using proprietary data and analytics to identify undervalued properties. Their localized network helps them provide superior tenant experience and impressive investment returns.

Avid Ventures

Founded by Addie Lerner and Tali Vogelstein, Avid Ventures supports outstanding founders launching transformative fintech, consumer internet, and software companies. They operate in the Asset Management, Business Development, Financial Services, FinTech, and Venture Capital industries, offering ample opportunities for novel entrepreneurs.

SHS Asset Management

A pioneering company in the Asset Management, Financial Services, and Marketing sectors, SHS Asset Management is a knowledge-based, quantitative asset management firm that provides unique control to its investors over their funds. The company utilizes structured and unstructured information to understand the subtle effects of daily events on individual asset prices before the market.

Pave Finance

Founded by Pascal Cevaer-Corey, Peter Corey, and Steve Evans, Pave Finance offers a suite of services in the Asset Management, Financial Services, and Risk Management sectors. It is an emerging name in the financial services landscape of New York.

TARGO Capital Partners

Established by David Gleitman, TARGO Capital Partners is a provider of acquisition and asset management services. It caters to multifamily and mixed-use assets, offering personalized services in the Asset Management, Commercial Real Estate, Property Management, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment sectors.


Operating in the Advice, Asset Management, and Financial Services industries, Simplify’s mission is to assist advisors in constructing improved portfolios. They are experts in exploiting options scientifically to address complex asset allocation problems effectively.


Founded by Abudi Zein, Allyson Agosta, and Bruce Alphenaar, AZA-Soyul operates in the Asset Management, Financial Services, and Risk Management sectors. Known for their expertise in financial risk management, this startup is gradually becoming an important player in New York’s finance industry.

Richbrook Advisors

An outstanding contributor to the Asset Management, Consumer Lending, Financial Services, and Lending sectors, Richbrook Advisors have carved out a unique place for themselves in the finance sector, offering sound financial advice and asset management services.

Hickory Lane Capital Management

Founded by Joshua Pearl, Hickory Lane Capital Management is an equity asset manager specializing in generating solid risk-adjusted returns on long- and short-term investments. They apply a multidisciplinary approach to asset management, combining top-down analysis and rigorous risk management with bottom-up long-term investing.

Emerald Capital Partners

Emerald Capital Partners provides private equity, acquisitions and mergers, commercial asset sales, share buybacks, phasing, circumstances, community transactions, and private-to-public transactions in the Asset Management, Financial Services, and Venture Capital sectors.

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