Emerging US-Based Management Consulting Startups Flourishing in New York

January 26, 2024

In this thriving age of entrepreneurship, a multitude of innovative startups have cropped up across the United States. In New York alone, several noteworthy startups have recently emerged which focus primarily on the field of Management Consulting. Born in the challenging year of 2020 or later, these resilient enterprises have successfully weathered the pandemic storm, offering fresh, pioneering solutions to cater to the needs of diverse businesses. Let’s take a closer look at each enterprise and how they are revolutionizing the Management Consulting industry.

Management consulting is a highly sought-after service that plays a pivotal role in the strategic growth, organizational enhancement, and operational efficiency of companies. Especially in an era of digital disruption and economic upheaval, companies turn to management consultants for guidance and support. New York, with its vibrant ecosystem of startups, has become a fertile ground for fresh perspectives in this field.

The following startups exemplify the spirit of innovation and resilience that defines the industry in these challenging times. The unparalleled services they provide are modernizing businesses and pushing the boundaries of traditional management consulting norms.

Portfolio BI

Portfolio BI provides front-to-back solutions for order management, portfolio management, and operational data. With an aim to simplify investment management while driving efficiency, the firm helps users gain a transparent view of their entire business in real-time. Portfolio BI is known for its technology competencies, client service, and continuous improvements.

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Dutchess Management

Dutchess Management is a management consulting company that offers comprehensive advice, financial services, and transaction processing for organizations across various sectors. By providing clear directions and enabling organizations to make informed decisions, Dutchess Management is significantly contributing to the modernization of financial management systems.



Co-founded by Billy Haque and Sridhar Kadaba, Everstell offers a unique blend of services from analytics, finance and information technology to predictive software. Designed to empower asset management CFOs, Everstell’s platform streamlines complex cost allocations and enables rapid and accurate forecasting, reporting, and planning, which are crucial in today’s unpredictable business environment.


Haus of Jaeger

Founded by Elle Von Jaeger, Haus of Jaeger sets the bar high in the industry. The firm specializes in building premier consulting services for luxury & fashion brands, major media and online brands. In addition to its impressive consulting services, Haus of Jaeger’s outstanding digital marketing strategy distinguishes them in the crowded space of management consulting.

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CXOReview stands out as a valuable community and knowledge base for digital leaders. Aiming to democratize enterprise knowledge, it provides high-impact content from top global experts for IT leaders at the forefront of Digital Transformation.

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Sterling Investors

Specializing in finance, real estate investment, and management consulting, Sterling Investors provides robust support for restructurings, recapitalization, sellers, and complex executions. Through their insightful consulting services, they empower organizations to commit to smart real estate investments.


New York Business Advisory & Corporate Services

With a focus on small and medium businesses, NYBACS offers business advisory, incorporation, factoring services, and cross-border payment solutions. By providing guidance for global company formation and helping businesses of all sizes and stages to go global, NYBACS is establishing a much-needed bridge for businesses to cross borders.

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Founded by Shameem Basheer, MyLynk.io is a leading Digital Research & Advisory company. The firm provides peer insights, community intelligence, advice, and tools for digital leaders to strategically advance digital projects.

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Purpose Talent

Founded by Andrew Blancato, Purpose Talent is reimagining the world of workforce training. By providing practical advice and management consulting, this firm assists organizations in hiring the right talent and effectively managing their resources.


Alchemy Value Services

Providing transformative strategic and financial assessments, Alchemy Value Services accelerates critical decision-making processes. With their wide-reaching consultative services including market re-positioning, M&A planning, and financial management, they are known to boost business growth and success.


Finxis LLC

Finxis LLC, a technology-focused boutique consulting firm, offers superior services ranging from management consulting to research analytics & product development. Mantaining partnerships with industry experts in capital markets, cloud services, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation, Finxis is enabling businesses to flourish with advanced technology solutions.


Each one of these companies is carving a distinctive niche in the world of management consulting. Despite their recent inception, they are already leaving a significant mark on the industry, making them ones to definitely keep an eye on in the years to come.

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