Emerging US Startups Revolutionizing the Ad Targeting Industry Landscape

December 19, 2023

Ad targeting is a marketing strategy where advertisements are placed in specific locations to increase visibility and “clickability” or drive user engagement. Ad targeting has become especially important in digital marketing where businesses take advantage of advanced targeting options to reach their ideal audience. Emerging sectors in the ad targeting industry in the US have seen the inception of startups that offer innovative and novel solutions. Let’s shed light on some notable startups from 2020 onwards that are turning heads in the industry.

SEO Reseller

Headquartered in Olivehurst, California, SEO Reseller operates in Ad Targeting, Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Local Advertising, among other sectors. It offers a comprehensive suite of marketing services to businesses of multiple industries like Real Estate, Financial/Banking, Plumbing, and Restaurant and helps them create and bolster their brand presence. For more information, their social media handles are @seo_resellers, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Appvertiser, based in San Mateo, California, provides growth marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses, offering performance marketing, data-driven strategies, and user acquisition techniques to its clients. Check them out here on LinkedIn for further information.

Sommd Entertainment LLC

Based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, Sommd Entertainment LLC is focusing on high-end wine recommendation, curation and education via a smart recommendation system made specially for high net worth individuals.

ABCS Insights

Florida-based ABCS Insights is a global leader in advertising insights, data and analytics. It focuses on measuring behaviour across all platforms and channels to help clients deliver value. Detailed information available on their LinkedIn channel.

Dorado Exchange

Operating in Ad Targeting, Dorado Exchange is based in Reno, Nevada. It allows internet users to offer their Zero Party Data directly to advertisers in return for relevant ad content and monetary compensation.


Located in Fremont, California, Confection is a marketing enablement tool that offers innovative solutions to collect, store, and distribute data. You can learn more about them @getconfection or view their LinkedIn profile.

E-PR online

New York-based public relations company, E-PR online, works with several technology startups to promote their brand. For a nuanced prolificacy, their company profile LinkedIn can be viewed.

Mobeo Media

Mobeo Media headquartered in Dallas, Texas, aims to help brands and businesses sustain and grow at the local level. For more details, follow their social media accounts on @MobeoMedia, Facebook, and Dreamfield

Located in Florida, Dreamfield plays in Ad Targeting, Affiliate Marketing, Creative Agency, Digital Marketing, and Sports industries, among others.


Brazilian-based Prospered.Digital is a top Web Designing and Digital Marketing Agency providing E-Commerce solutions and Web development in New York, USA. Further interaction can be pursued via their @ProsperedD, Facebook and LinkedIn handles.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, AdGlance offers venue-based advertising powered by local business partners who offer their digital screens for displaying ads. For more inquiries, find them on @adglance, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In the constantly evolving ad targeting industry, these exciting startups are at the leading edge of growth and innovation. They are indeed infusing the sector with novel approaches and creative solutions, ensuring that businesses, both big and small, can stay connected with their target audiences in the most efficient ways.

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