Empowering Indiana’s Communities: 15 Impactful Nonprofit Startups

July 30, 2023


Indiana’s startup ecosystem is not only bustling with commercial ventures but also with nonprofit organizations striving to make a positive impact on society. From fostering cybersecurity education to revitalizing communities, these 15 nonprofit startups in Indiana are at the forefront of driving change and creating a brighter future. In this article, we highlight these innovative organizations and their remarkable efforts to uplift communities and address societal challenges.

Frap: Empowering Greek Life with Technology 🎉

Frap is an all-in-one app transforming Greek life with event management, custom apparel, messaging, and resources.

The Nature Trust: Nurturing Nature’s Flourishing Future 🌿

The Nature Trust is a nonprofit partnership envisioning a future where nature thrives through conservation efforts. W: naturetrust.ie

Wabash Heartland Innovation Network: Connecting Communities 🌐

WHIN is a civic and social networking service fostering innovation and collaboration across Indiana communities. W: whin.org

Teach Cyber: Empowering Cybersecurity Education 🔒

Teach Cyber dedicates to developing excellent cybersecurity education at the secondary level. W: teachcyber.org

Lawrence County Economic Growth Council: Nurturing Business Growth 📈

The Growth Council supports Lawrence County businesses, providing startup assistance and workforce solutions. W: lawrencecountygrowth.com

One Dearborn: Marrying Affordability with Urban Access 🏙️

One Dearborn serves Southeast Indiana, creating an affordable and accessible living environment. W: 1dearborn.org

Be Nimble: Empowering the Tech Industry 💡

Be Nimble offers training and placement programs in the tech industry, fostering diversity and inclusivity. W: benimbleco.com

Rural Reimagined: Empowering Rural Communities 🏞️

Rural Reimagined provides development training and podcasting services, empowering the rural community. W: ruralreimagined.org

Modern Mental Health: Prioritizing Mental Wellness 🧠

Modern Mental Health offers individual and group therapy, prioritizing mental well-being. W: modernmentalhealth.org

Impact Upgrade: Amplifying Nonprofits’ Impact 📡

Impact Upgrade provides tech services to nonprofit organizations, enabling them to create a greater impact. W: impactupgrade.com

Crossroads Education: Pioneering Educational Innovation 📚

Crossroads Education improves learning outcomes for students through advanced innovation and technology.

Constellation Stage & Screen: Empowering the Performing Arts 🎭

Constellation Stage & Screen produces film and theater, leaving a lasting impact on the performing arts industry. W: seeconstellation.org

Cyber For School Girls: Cultivating Cybersecurity 🛡️

Cyber For School Girls provides education, training, and cybersecurity services for young girls. W: cyberforschoolgirls.com

The MDC Group: Enabling Risk-Free Fundraising 🎊

The MDC Group offers risk-free fundraising solutions, empowering organizations with event management and auctions. W: themfcgroup.com

Heart of Jasper: Revitalizing Communities with Love ❤️

Heart of Jasper is a nonprofit organization providing revitalization services, fostering community growth. W: heartofjasper.org


Indiana’s nonprofit startup scene demonstrates a powerful blend of innovation, compassion, and dedication to creating a better world. From empowering cybersecurity education to fostering community revitalization, these 15 organizations showcase the immense impact that nonprofits can have on society. Their tireless efforts and forward-thinking approaches are driving positive change, making Indiana’s communities more inclusive, sustainable, and vibrant. As these startups continue to grow and evolve, they will undoubtedly continue to play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter future for all.

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