Empowering Well-being: Innovative Wellness Startups in Missouri

Discovering Missouri-based startups that are redefining wellness through innovation and technology


In the heartland of America, Missouri is emerging as a hotbed of innovation in the wellness industry. This article shines a spotlight on 15 remarkable startups that are revolutionizing well-being through their unique products and services. From customizable sensory sleeping pods for children to advanced wound care polymers, these companies are transforming the way we approach wellness. Join us as we explore the diverse range of Missouri-based startups dedicated to improving health, beauty, and overall quality of life. Discover their groundbreaking solutions and the impact they are making in the wellness industry.

zPods: Personalized Sleep Solutions for Children

Website: zPods

Description: zPods creates customizable sensory-friendly sleeping pods, offering children a peaceful and comfortable sleep environment.

Preventogen: Advanced Wound Care Innovation

Website: Preventogen

Description: Preventogen develops a cutting-edge wound care polymer that prevents infection and promotes healing, revolutionizing the field of wound care.

Human Powered Health: A Holistic Approach to Well-being

Website: Human Powered Health

Description: Human Powered Health offers an encompassing experience to evaluate and improve human health, combining technology, coaching, and data-driven insights.

Bloom Beauty Brand: Technology-Driven Hair Wellness

Website: Bloom Beauty Brand

Description: Bloom Beauty Brand utilizes technology and all-natural ingredients to develop hair wellness products that enhance beauty and promote healthy hair.

Sunstation USA: Community Sunscreen Dispensers

Website: Sunstation USA

Description: Sunstation USA is a leading resource for community sunscreen dispensers, promoting sun protection and skin health.

The TeleDentists: Pioneering Tele-Dentistry

Website: The TeleDentists

Description: The TeleDentists is at the forefront of tele-dentistry, providing accessible and convenient solutions for dental care.

BenefitBump: Comprehensive Worksite Support and Guidance

Website: BenefitBump

Description: BenefitBump offers worksite support, benefit plans, emotional support, and personalized guidance services, enhancing employee well-being and satisfaction.

MobiPT, Inc: Connecting Executives with Personal Trainers

Website: MobiPT, Inc

Description: MobiPT, Inc connects traveling executives with personal trainers in hotel gyms, ensuring access to fitness resources on the go.

Lifted Naturals: Probiotics for Stress and Mood Support

Website: Lifted Naturals

Description: Lifted Naturals specializes in manufacturing and distributing natural probiotics designed to support stress management and mood-related issues.

Ozark Total Healthcare: Comprehensive Medical Equipment and Care

Website: Ozark Total Healthcare

Description: Ozark Total Healthcare provides a wide range of medical equipment and medical care services, ensuring comprehensive health support.

Lifted Pouches: Enhancing Health and Wellness

Website: None

Description: Lifted Pouches offers a range of health and wellness supplements to support overall well-being and vitality.

Midwest Recovery Centers: Specialized Substance Abuse Treatment

Website: Midwest Recovery Centers

Description: Midwest Recovery Centers specializes in providing high-quality substance abuse and addiction treatment services, promoting holistic recovery.

Axes Physical Therapy: Empowering Occupational Therapy

Website: Axes Physical Therapy

Description: Axes Physical Therapy believes in the power of occupational therapy to make a positive impact on individuals’ lives through skillful therapy services.

LARK Skin: Innovative Beauty Care Solutions

Website: LARK Skin

Description: LARK Skin is dedicated to offering innovative beauty care products that enhance skin health and radiance.

SeeinME: Empowering Those Supporting People with Disabilities

Website: SeeinME

Description: SeeinME is a digital platform designed to support and connect caregivers, educators, and professionals working with individuals with disabilities.


Missouri is a hotbed of innovation in the wellness industry, with startups pioneering groundbreaking solutions that enhance well-being. From personalized sleep solutions and advanced wound care to holistic health evaluations and beauty-tech products, these Missouri-based startups are transforming the wellness landscape. By harnessing innovation, technology, and a deep commitment to improving lives, these companies are making a significant impact in their respective fields. As they continue to grow and innovate, these wellness startups are set to inspire and empower individuals in Missouri and beyond to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Written by Mobb

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