Exploring Boston’s Innovations in US-based Healthcare Startup Landscape

January 30, 2024

Over the years, the city of Boston, Massachusetts has become a fertile ground for startups to thrive. This trend continued to be evident in recent years, with numerous new startups emerging in various fields, among which Health Care was a dominant sector. These startups, born in or after the year 2020, have not only adopted innovative approaches to address the healthcare demands of the time, but also display a commitment to the community, offering services and creating jobs locally.

Boston’s health care startups span a diverse range of specialties such as telehealth, biotechnology and lifestyle wellness. Embarking on their journey amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, these startups have shown resilience and adaptability, managing to flourish despite the challenging circumstances. This article highlights some of these emerging startups, introducing their founders, offerings, and potential impact on the healthcare industry.

Drawing from a range of sources, from LGBT focused telehealth to next-generation radiopharmaceuticals, these startups symbolize a bright future for healthcare in Boston. This comprehensive list profiles each startup, providing details about their inception, mission, and the creative solutions they offer to the healthcare sector.

Folx Health

Founded in 2020 by Agneta Breitenstein, Folx Health is a pioneer in providing digital healthcare services tailored for the LGBTQIA+ community. The startup focuses on clinical offerings that traditionally face marginalization in common health settings, such as gender-affirming hormone therapy, sexual health, and family creation services. You can find more about Folx Health on Facebook and Linkedin and by following them on Twitter.

Manifold Bio

Manifold Bio was launched in 2020 by Gleb Kuznetsov, Pierce Ogden, and Shane Lofgren. Their vision revolves around creating a protein barcoding platform that brings the power of multiplexed measurement to the development of protein therapeutics. The company is devoted to paving the way for unprecedented data generation throughout the drug development process. Follow their progress on Linkedin and Twitter.

Curie Therapeutics

Simon Read, the founder of Curie Therapeutics, aims to develop a new class of safe and effective targeted radiopharmaceuticals. This next-generation radiopharmaceutical company focuses on creating rational conjugates against selective biological targets. Follow Curie Therapeutics on Linkedin and Twitter.

Ayble Health

Founded by Sam Jactel, Ayble Health provides a data-driven digital health platform that offers comprehensive, precision dietary analysis and holistic care to people with gastrointestinal conditions. The resources for their activities can be found on their website and you can know more about them on Linkedin.


Christoph Westphal and Lea Hachigian co-founded ImmuneID, a precision immunology company. With their proprietary platform, the company simultaneously identifies and therapeutically targets millions of antibody interactions that drive immune diseases. More about their endeavors can be found on their Linkedin page and website.

Impact Biosystems

Impact Biosystems is a creative venture founded by Bridget Hunter-Jones, Craig Cheney, Ian Hunter, and Sonny Vu. Focused on health and fitness, the company develops adaptive hardware and software solutions to help athletes enhance performance. They can be found on Facebook and their website.


GPx, founded by Javier Echenique, Sean (Shunsuke) Matsuoka, and Sidhant Jena in 2020, is dedicated to transforming the standard of care of cardiorenal diseases with bloodless blood tests. They can be followed on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and their website.


Founded by Biju Kalissery and Marla Beyer, Hopscotch is a technology company dedicated to providing pediatric behavioral healthcare. It offers administrative support, content, and interactive tools to address common behavioral issues for mental health professionals. More about their progress can be found on Linkedin, Twitter, and their website.


Uwill, founded by Michael London, is a platform designed to expand mental health access and services to colleges. It provides a technology-based platform connecting students with experienced mental health professionals. Follow them on Linkedin and through their website.

Scorpion Therapeutics

Scorpion Therapeutics, founded by Gaddy Getz, Gary Glick, Keith Flaherty, and Liron Bar-Peled, aims to broaden the reach of precision medicine to people with cancer. The company integrates cutting-edge technologies to unlock the next generation of precision oncology. For more information, visit their Linkedin page, Twitter account, and website.


HBox is a unique initiative that provides a complete virtual care solution for healthcare providers. It combines technology, software, and patient engagement services to help clinics increase income. Follow them on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and their website.

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