Exploring Chicago’s Blossoming Consulting Startups Elevating US Business Landscape

January 29, 2024

Chicago, Illinois, often dubbed as the heart of America, is best known for its robust economic ecosystem that encourages innovation and growth. Among these diverse sectors, one that is seeing impressive growth is the consulting industry. Since 2020, there has been a momentous surge in consulting startups, with new firms offering a diverse array of services and striding into a wide range of markets. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at 12 consulting startups – all founded in 2020 or later – that have the potential to reshape the landscape of the consulting industry in Chicago.

These startups are offering an assortment of services, from advising SMEs to manage their growth effectively, assisting with accounting and financial solutions, enabling business growth through innovative IT solutions, to venture capitalism for healthcare innovation. They stand as testament to Chicago’s vibrant startup ecosystem, showcasing the city’s talent for fostering innovation across a broad range of industries. Without further ado, let’s embark on this journey to discover the future leaders in Chicago’s consulting industry.

Let’s kick off by presenting these startups and giving you a insight into their origins, their mission, and the services they offer. Each segment will also include the startup’s website and their social media channels, allowing you to delve further into their journey so far.

Ramsay Innovations

Ramsay Innovations is a growth advisory and consulting firm dedicated to small to medium-sized B2B companies. Their goal is to help these companies strategically navigate their growth path. Find them on @ramsayinno, Facebook and LinkedIn.

KFN Accounting & Financial Solutions

KFN Accounting & Financial Solutions is a group of passionate business professionals devoted to delivering intimate and personalized solutions for strategy, finance, and accounting needs. Follow them on, @KyleNaderCPACFO, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ascend Technologies

With a focus on IT and cyber security, Ascend Technologies enables business growth through innovation and technology. They can be found on @TeamAscendTech, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Health Innovation Capital

Health Innovation Capital is an impact fund that aims to disrupt the healthcare landscape by investing in innovative solutions. Follow them on LinkedIn.


NEWITY, a startup founded by David Cody and Luke LaHaie, brings a fresh approach to the financial consulting sector. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Kanbrick is carving out its niche in the business development and professional services sector. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Climastry is offering solutions in the realm of IT, automation, and sustainability. They can be found on LinkedIn.

Telesto Strategy

Telesto Strategy delivers strategic guidance to build economic forecasts, assess market dynamics, and enter new markets. They can be located on @TelestoStrategy and LinkedIn.

Mitena Partners, by CCC

Mitena Partners is an affiliate of the Chicago Clearing Corporation, offering a cloud-based platform app.login.claims. Founded by James Tharin, they are making a mark in the financial tech space. Check them out on Chicago Clearing, Mitena Partners, Login.Claims, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Femme Capital Partners

Founded by Claudia Langarica and Laura C Dantuma, Femme Capital Partners has carved out a unique niche in financial consulting. Check them out on LinkedIn.

transformation CONTINUUM

transformation CONTINUUM delivers a full suite of business, sales, and marketing services. They can be located on @t_Continuum and LinkedIn.

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