Exploring Irvine-based Manufacturing Startups: Innovations Revolutionizing US Industry

January 28, 2024

Irvine, based in California, is not just famous for its Mediterranean climate and stunning landscapes but also known for its innovative startups in the manufacturing industry. The sector is witnessing a technological revolution, with emerging businesses striving to rewrite the rules and redefine standards. Today, we turn the spotlight onto some of these front running startups right from the heart of Irvine, that have made their mark since their inception in 2020.

These companies represent a diverse range of industries including semiconductors, electric vehicles, automation machinery, medical equipment, and renewable energy. What unites them is their commitment to utilizing technology to offer innovative solutions, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and reshaping the future of manufacturing.

The manufacturing start-ups of Irvine are leveraging state-of-the-art technology, bold innovation, and a sustainable vision for the future. Let’s introduce these game-changers:

Mobix Labs

Mobix Labs is a leader in the manufacturing of semiconductors utilized for 5th generation technology. The semiconductors are innovative, IP-rich, dynamic, and integrated into a single chip. This makes it easier for clients to access mobile wireless communications. Their groundbreaking work is the product of operating in the sectors of Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Semiconductor.

Alpha Motor Corporation

Alpha Motor Corporation is a pioneer automobile and mobility technology company that manufactures Utility, Sport, and Adventure electric vehicles. The company is operating in the Automotive, Electric Vehicle, and Manufacturing industries, and is determined to lead the EV revolution with a diverse line-up of eco-conscious, patent-protected electric vehicles.

Archytas Automation

Archytas Automation, a player in the Industrial Automation, Machinery Manufacturing, and Manufacturing industries, is an automation machinery manufacturer that increases capacity and productivity at an affordable price. Their cornerstone technology, robotic arms, supplemented with other components delivers a comprehensive and integrated automation solution.

Upside Health

Upside Health is a 3-ply developer, importer, and distributor specializing in procedural masks. They supply disposable face masks, operating in Manufacturing, Medical Device, and Wholesale industries, responding to customer inquiries via phone, contact form, and email.

ASAP Industrials

One of the largest suppliers of industrial products, ASAP Industrials help to procure OEM fasteners, electronics, hardware, power transmission products, cutting tools, machinery, abrasives, lighting, pneumatics, and much more on a user-friendly purchasing platform.


Elevation is operating in the Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Semiconductor industries. Their innovation and drive make them a noticeable presence in the bustling industry.


Nobol is a design and production company producing medical and health items for home use, including their innovative product, the self-pedaling workout cycle, PhysioPedal. Working in the Electronics, Manufacturing, Medical Device, and Product Design sectors, the company embodies open communication, responsibility, honesty, and business ethics.

These new generation Irvine-based startups are not only pushing forward technological innovation but also redefining their respective industries. Bringing a wave of ground-breaking solutions and products, they are playing an instrumental role in the positive transformation of the manufacturing sector.

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