Exploring New York’s Flourishing US-Based Web Development Startups

January 26, 2024

The heart of American innovation often finds its home in the hustle and bustle of New York City. With the dawn of a new decade, this still rings true as several startups began their journey in 2020 within the web development industry. This generation of startups is using cutting edge technologies and creativity to reshape the digital landscape. Let’s further explore these promising up-and-coming companies based in New York, New York.

The web development industry is crucial in today’s digital age, providing businesses with the digital infrastructures they require to function and thrive. Further, there’s a growing demand for web development as more companies digitize their operations. These startups are not only helping businesses go digital; they are also playing a major role in the innovation and advancement of the industry.

Highly competitive and driven by technological advancement, the web development industry presents a thriving ecosystem for startups. Here are some exceptionally noteworthy 2020 (and beyond) startups taking the New York web development scene by storm.

Global Commerce Media

Specialising in Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Web Development, Global Commerce Media is a renewed face on the New York tech scene. The startup has not released the names of its founders or provided a company description. Connect with Global Commerce Media on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded in 2021, Morphic is a renowned name in the area of website development. They offer site recommendations, automated brand expression systems, mobile responsiveness services and more. Join Morphic’s network by following their Twitter or connecting with them on LinkedIn.

Piqual Inc.

Cofounded by Joseph Olassa and Scott Nugent, Piqual Inc. is a progressive startup covering several aspects of digital marketing including web development. Learn more about Piqual Inc. by visiting their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter pages.


Founded by Hannah Ryu and Veronica Shelton, OAK THEORY grows brands and drives business growth through innovative problem-solving and agile development. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Concept & Cadence

Kelly Cox and Luke Ragno launched Concept & Cadence with a focus on Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Web Development. Engage with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Shera Digital 360

Shera Digital 360 specialises in digital marketing and web development offerings, providing a variety of services such as CRM, SMM, and content marketing. They also provide a range of email marketing services, such as email newsletters, lead nurturing emails, and re-engagement emails. Connect with Shera Digital 360 on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by David Arshakian, StarTeam provides a wide range of services including social media marketing, web development, and SEO optimization. Connect with StarTeam on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Hatch Logics

Hatch Logics provides web design, web development, and content marketing services. They provide customized digital marketing solutions tailored to the customer and company needs. Connect with Hatch Logics on their LinkedIn page.

Alex Beige Web Dev

Operating out of NYC, Alex Beige is a designer & developer who creates accessible, innovative websites tailored to showcase incredible brands and organizations.


Heloise is a digital marketing firm that creates visual identities and develops brand strategies for startups. They provide UI and UX services to create user interfaces for mobile apps and web products. Connect with Heloise on their LinkedIn page.

Brands Algo

Brands Algo offers custom website design, wordpress development, ecommerce website development, web application development, UI design, backend development and more. Learn more about them by visiting their LinkedIn page.

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