Exploring New York’s Pioneering Market Research Startups in the US

January 28, 2024

Market Research is a powerful tool for startups, as it provides essential data and insights that can drive decision-making and strategy. In New York, several noteworthy startups have emerged in this industry since 2020, making significant contributions to the realm of market research and related services. In this article, we will take a closer look at these startups, their offerings, and what sets them apart in this competitive landscape.

These startups, each with their unique approach to market research and corresponding industries, are providing businesses with critical intelligence and insights. From traditional market research techniques to leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, these startups have completely transformed the way companies gather and interpret market data. Here, we shine a light on these startups and their innovative solutions.

Located in the hustle and bustle of New York, these startups’ dynamic energy and innovative ideas reflect the city’s vibrant spirit. Each startup tells a unique story woven from its founders’ dreams, drive for success, and the groundbreaking solutions they bring to the business world. Let’s get to know them a bit better.

Insider Intelligence

Insider Intelligence, founded by Barbara Peng, is a pioneer in the field of Information Services, Information Technology, and Market Research. The company had made significant strides since its inception, becoming a vital player in its industry.


Established by Jan-Erik Asplund and Walter Chen, Sacra is a platform uniquely designed for researching information on private markets. They provide comprehensive research on venture capital and private equity firms, enabling clients to make well-informed investment decisions. Follow them on Linkedin and Twitter at @sacrainc.


LoansIntel, operating in the Consulting, Credit, Financial Services, and Market Research industries, offers its clients a broad range of professional services. Follow them on Linkedin for more information.


SPEEDA Edge is an innovation intelligence platform that provides industry reports, insight reports, and custom company profiles, among other services, made possible by leveraging Analytics, AI, Business Intelligence, and Market Research. Follow them on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter at @speedaedge.


Co-founded by Christopher DeSantis and Lynda Koster, Growthential provides innovative solutions in the Advertising, Analytics, and Market Research industries.


In the Consumer Reviews, Market Research, and Marketing industries, Humantel holds a significant position. Follow them on Linkedin and Twitter at @humantelinc.

Finxis LLC

Finxis LLC is a consulting firm providing management consulting, research, and product development services across multiple industries. Stay updated with them by following them on Linkedin.


IotaQ, operating in the Big Data, Consulting, and Market Research industries, provides unique solutions to its multinational clients. Follow them on Linkedin and Twitter at @IotaQ_Market.

Credible Markets Analytics

In the Analytics, Consulting, and Market Research industry, Credible Markets Analytics brings research-based solutions to the table. Follow them on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter at @CredibleMarkets.

Aggada Cyber

Aggada Cyber, founded by Ron Moritz, operates in the Cyber Security, Management Consulting, Market Research, and Product Research industries. They aim to provide deeper understanding and solutions for cybersecurity challenges.

Industry Pioneer

Located in Midtown Manhattan, Industry Pioneer is an innovative firm blazing trails in the Market Research, Product Design, and Software Engineering sectors. Follow them on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter at @industrypioneer.

In conclusion, these startups, with their cutting-edge solutions and services, are redefining the market research industry. We are eager to see the continued contributions and advancements these startups will bring to the business landscape in the future.

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