Exploring New York’s Pioneering SaaS Startups Transforming the US Market

January 30, 2024

This article introduces a selection of startups founded in 2020 or later, with headquarters in New York, NY. Each of these dynamic newcomers is advancing the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry in unique and exciting ways. From integrating unprecedented functionalities to revolutionizing existing practices, these companies underscore why the Big Apple continues to be a hub for new ideas and innovation in the world of tech and beyond.

The selection process was guided by factors such as business model, market potential, and mission. We hope to give you an overview of the companies, their founders, and their unique value propositions. Each startup points to the future of SaaS in its own way, be it big data management, finance, human resources, or other key areas of business and tech.

Now, let’s discover the promising startups thriving in the New York SaaS scene, listed in no particular order. We will dive into their mission, offerings, and why they are worth keeping an eye on as they continue to break new ground in their sectors.


This New York-based startup operates in the SaaS, software, and IT segments. Despite their recent start, Macro has already made significant strides. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.

Spotnana Technology

Focusing on business travel, cloud data services, SaaS, and IT, Spotnana Technology is modernizing the infrastructure of the travel industry. Co-founders Sarosh Waghmar and Shikhar Agarwal are committed to making travel simpler and affordable for businesses. Visit Spotnana’s website or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter (@spotnana) for updates about their ventures.


Founded by Joseph Quan, Knoetic is a SaaS analytics tool and social network platform for chief people officers. This startup helps CPOs make smart, data-driven decisions about their workforce. Find Knoetic on LinkedIn and Twitter (@Knoetic).


Co-founded by Ignacio Moreno Pubul, Luis Basagoiti, and Miguel Fernandez, Capchase is a fintech startup that aids SaaS businesses in financing their growth. Check out Capchase’s website or follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (@capchase) for more information.

Nomad Data

Founded by Brad Schneider, Nomad Data aims to bridge the gap between data acquirers and providers with its comprehensive marketplace. Visit the Nomad Data website or their LinkedIn page for updates.


Archie, started by Cassandra Aaron, Dylan Hattem, and Yunas Reguero, is a SaaS platform that helps businesses manage and pay their freelancers. Read more about Archie at their website or check out their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (@with_archie).


Founded by Fawzy Abu Seif and Mariel Davis, Spokn uses video and audio to foster human connection in remote work environments. Check out Spokn’s website or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter (@getspokn) for their latest news.


Founders Kyla Moore and Tim Officer’s Dispense is a software that aids cannabis dispensaries in managing and scaling their operations. Visit Dispense’s website or their LinkedIn page, Facebook, and Twitter (@dispense_app) for more info.

J2 Health

J2 Health is a healthcare SaaS firm that optimizes provider network performance. You can learn more about them on their website or follow their latest updates on Twitter (@j2_health) or LinkedIn.


Founded by Melanie Faxon and Siran Cao, Mirza offers personalized childcare subsidies via an employee benefits platform. Check out their website, Twitter (@mirzasayshey), and Facebook page.


Walnut, founded by Danni Friedland and Yoav Vilner, offers a codeless platform that Turbocharges the sales demo experience. Keep an eye on Walnut’s website and Twitter (@Walnutinc) or follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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